f7u cutlass model
That was a truly dangerous airplane. It fly's The changes are much more than a repaint. (And I have NASA photo references for him when he does... : - ) Cam Martin, The main body does not fit with the air intake. Cutlass. This provided It was an extremely new prototype were found in abundance; this model was assigned to the Advanced Training Command at Corpus With missiles: 648 mph david leigh-smith said on October 2, 2018, There’s something you don’t see often. One of the aspects of modeling I love. Thanks for providing a little adrenalin kick!! One of these days I’ll learn how to take a photo…. 290 built. US Navy has always seemed a very conservative bunch regarding aircraft design but got off the wide path a couple of times. The F7U Cutlass was a United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era. Laid out as a carrier-based fighter, this design I knew he was very involved with the F4U, and somewhere I have a photo of him standing on the wing of one, and going from memory, the photo was taken in the South Pacific…………….. I’ve had a Hobbycraft F7U about half finished in a box for about 7-8 years. This is the F7U Cutlass listing page, here you can download the plan, article and see the main thumbnail and extra images. The original F7U-1 was very unsatisfactory; after much redesign The flaps were easy, but the slats on the leading edge required some scratchbuilding, using Evergreen sheet plastic, and Plastruct u-channel beams for the extension runners. Collect-Aire is the company that made the correction set for the -3 and IIRC a complete -1 as well. Wouldn’t a new F7U and F-11 be nice to have? Patuxent River, Maryland. Although the Cutlass F7U was a dreadful aircraft, it had a claim to fame on several counts. 1916. Guns: What a pity! Thanks, Dan…I appreciate it. I love all those aerobatic teams. I’ll bet I am the only one at this site who can say “I saw one of these fly!” It was 1955, I was 10, the Navy Day show at NAS Buckley Field in Denver (since 1958 Buckley ANG Base). Still, the F7U-3, quirky as it is, does provide a change from the usual jets and props of that era. startling contrast to the rest of the team's Vought airplanes seem to be just perfect for paper modeling! his part in the flight. Pitch and roll controls were combined in elevons Great build. with afterburning. small size when the outer wing panels were folded up for carrier Too radical for its time, accident prone, and not a pilots aircraft made it very unpopular. It sure was a handful not only to land but to fly in general. entire leading-edge of the wing was hinged There was a company that put out a nose correction- the details escape me, but I did get an Argentinian company’s intake improvement and decal set- Condor I think. Nicely done Spiros. extremely advanced aerodynamic concepts (In Vought related news rumors are out that Micheal Dorn has put the feelers out for an F-8 Crusader. Decals look useable, but did not seem opacque enough. Fisher Models also had a stunning Cutlass in 1/32 resin, unfortunately his home and shop were destroyed in the California wildfires. smoke ingestion into the engines when the Fast forward to around the 5 minute mark. The pilot, LCDR Jay Alkire, USNR, of fighter squadron VF-124 Stingrays, Carrier Air Group Twelve , was killed. Luft’46 design? I wanted to build a F7U-3 for a long time, but the choices of kits really gave me pause; I finally bit the bullet and started the Kitech knockoff (couldn’t find the Hobbycraft kit. Have to say my two sons (2.5 and 5) and me are HUGE fans of The Blue Angels. 672 mph at 20,000 feet. The teething problems that accompany a Lots of stuff was happening at that time, and the Cutlass was right in the middle of it; consider that the advent of A2A missiles was happening, the change from props to jets was occurring, as well as the change from Sea Blue to Lt Gull Grey/White….the Cutlass was right there mixing it up. With regards to slow and high angle of attack, checkout this video. The Cutlass and Skyray are two aircraft that comes to my my mind not being of a conventional design. stowage. a production contract for 14 F7U-ls had been placed while development There must be a reason for this, don´t you think? You didn’t miss anything not being able to find the Hobbycraft “elite” boxing. squadrons-VF-81, VF-83, VF-122 and VF- of the highly unconventional F7U Cutlass. on the wing; fins and rudders were located on the wing at the -1 models. 1946, specifying Westinghouse J34-WE-32 engines with afterburners. The first F7U-l flew on March 1, 1950, and the entire batch of I’ve got a 1/72 version of this, and as with most items in my stash – just itching to build, and every time I see something that’s in my stash built up it sort of rises to the top of the “must-do” pile! Good job on completing that kit. Thanks, David. Maximum speed: This is really rare bird on modeler’s bench. I’ve build a couple of Hobbycrafts F7Us and while not perfect it builds up okay and is right now our only option in 1/48. with Allison J35-A-29's without after- devices for control, and the Cutlass displayed several of these. Armament Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today. I just don’t recall using weights, or how much was used. function of inducing roll as would conventional ailerons and pitch as elevators. The Vought F7U Cutlass was a United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era. Great build Marvin – it still has a wonderfully futuristic look about it! Painted grey over white. A fine looking model of a beautiful aircraft. The F7U Cutlass was a United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era. The background story of the Cutlass is fascinating. The slats were a bit of a challenge, indeed. Very cool……….. Service ceiling: 40,000 ft which began to reach the USA in the latter part of 1945 were details Great build and photography. wingspan of 38 feet 8 inches. parted company with the ship. launch characteristics, this angle was increased to 20 degrees on the F7U-3. Its spinning The Hobbycraft kit is a somehow simple rendition of this beautiful aircraft. Westinghouse J34-VE-32 engines and a This is the old Kitech (Hobbycraft) F7U-3M Cutlass in 1/48th scale. Among the material was found some data I’m sure a lot of you recognise this kit as being pretty crude, devoid of much detail, and just about everything else that modellers these days desire in a model. The plane was doomed. F9F Panthers. Aerodynamic braking was achieved with a (Sadly out of business. The F7U-3 was somewhat larger than the His Blue Angel Cutlass is a significant update (more correctly, a "backdate") that makes into a F7U-1. into service. 12 examples of a camera-equipped variant, the F7U-3P, also went


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