eso general renmus choice
Thereafter, the scholars will support you and there will be an argonian enclave in town. It turns out that Izzara was the one who was possessed, but unfortunately, as they're twins, the blood is still enough to complete the ritual. Gadris lives, Zur dies. 1. He resides in the former royal palace along with his daughter, Aeliah. I edited my post. I don't know what happens if you pick the fort. You then shut him into the sarcophagus. If you're talking about the 'Crimes of the Past' Quest, it (and the Tamrith Key as well) is in one of two underground caves, inhabited by trolls. Maaga states that Clan Morkul can add this to their list of achievements, and he says that their outlawry has put them at odds with the Covenant in the past, but he hints that maybe they'll become more endeared to the Daggerfall Covenant with this new information. Magnifico Korshad runs off without another word. Shan-ra agrees to your request, saying that "I prefer not to have the Thalmor looking over my shoulder anyhow." Danus will agree to lead his people out of the crypt; if Sela was eaten - Danus will become very angry and attack you. You convince Gargak to rule the bandits instead. 1. The pirates demand a ransom from her family, who hesitate to pay, but Walks is sure they'll pay eventually. After you stop the ritual you speak with Arithiel's ghost. Fadeel comments that whatever the constable does to him will be better than being eaten by a snake. 1. The woman dies and the two men stand there going 'ow, ow, ow'–I think they were supposed to die too. I spent my last gold piece getting to this Three-forsaken wasteland! I shall find Aetherius. 1. 1. ), 1. A Reddit community dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO developed by Zenimax Online. 1. Edouard Celd's wife promises that she'll keep him far away from any criminal activity in the future. Sister, do not weep for me." I arrived at Senchal Palace. If you want the achievement make sure to find them all before choosing to evacuate. (sorry, it's been a while since I've run this quest with my khajiit, so I can't remember the details.). Valaste is cured, and you receive a staff, no skill points. 1. If you have not started the Northern Elsweyr questline, she'll remain there until you've completed it. The soldier says he's grateful, but sounds a bit blase about it. Attend the ceremony in the palace courtyard. 1.Take Madras' side: You steal weapons from the Hlaalu armory and give them to the smith while the townsfolk distract the guards. Aeliah Renmus is the half Imperial, half Redguard daughter of General Renmus. After she sees you, Aeliah will call you over. I should see if there's anything else we need to take care of here in Southern Elsweyr. The Worm Cult failed to summon Mauloch, thanks to you. General Meric Renmus is the Imperial commander of the Thirteenth Legion, a unit that was ordered by Emperor Aquilarios to restore order in Senchal following the Knahaten Flu. 1. ?? ", 1. Aeliah approaches the statue of Ja'darri. Rilyn wants you to give Frirhand's ring to Guard Jorald and claim you found it on bandits so that Raerana and Rilyn can run away together. He then gives you the key to his strongbox. He will note that there is still plenty of work for the Dragonguard. If you convinced General Renmus to allow the Shields to stay in Senchal: If you convinced him to return to Cyrodiil, the conversation will turn out a little differently.


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