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Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team. 8.0. It seemed to mean something...maybe this was justified? "Good. The quarter-saiyan adeptly navigated down to their position and jerked to a halt. He was alone in his room, in the dark, floating a few inches above the ground. Go higher! "Warriors of the Earth," began the Namekian, "you three have been chosen, based on the qualification that you are among the strongest fighters in this universe. Tidar from Universe 19 showing off his Nano-tech, Special chapter 45 where Goku fights Vegeta Buu (Buugeta?). Where are you going dressed like that?” her mother intoned, raising an eyebrow. "Don't be silly," said Goku. “King Vegeta has always feared losing power, I suppose. There was an explosion, which dissipated to reveal Baddack still standing, the left side of his chest and shoulder now burned. However, his master had taught him a useful technique for situations just like this, a technique that he immediately used. "I can feel Gohan's energy now, and he's on the move... Wow, even though he hasn’t been training, Gohan's speed is impressive. She’d had a good reputation up until the day she had died suddenly. Hanasia let them approach, then reacted with speed, precision and grace. “Yes, dad,” replied both sons simultaneously. Some believed it was a group of vengeful Nameks who had decided to eliminate them all. They attacked first. Gohan nodded to her, but with an air of distraction. he observed, noticing the various craters and shattered structures. Idioma Noticias Leer DBM Minicomic Los autores Fanarts FAQ Torneo Universos Bonus Eventos Promos Afiliados Noticias Leer DBM Minicomic Los autores Fanarts FAQ Torneo Universos Bonus Eventos Promos Afiliados —Bien, desplegad los escáneres —respondió el superior de forma instintiva, como si fuese la enésima vez. Just a little more effort and concentration and— 'What the hell?' She had saved him for last, savoring his look of despair and fear. After page 100, a transition was made to digital creation. The fourteen year old girl, dressed in a kimono and wearing a red stick on her back, had already bolted for the front door. Hanasia smiled. It was not difficult to kill her first victims, something she did separately in isolated conditions. Las Bolas de Dragón: siete místicas esferas que, cuando se reúnen en el mismo lugar, invocan a un dragón capaz de garantizar un único deseo. These have not been seen in the manga, and therefore make this story a true annex to the comic! And for your betrayal, I’ll kill you!”, “If you’re still king, it’s because we allow it! The Dragon Ball Multiverse. She flew at once, straight up while watching the insects below her, then charged a highly concentrated ki blast in her hands. We begin with a new race, the inter-universe travelers, the Vargas entering Universe 18 (the main Dragon Ball universe) and offering to enter them into a no-strings attached tournament where they can fight all they want with the chance to have a wish granted by their Dragon Balls. He believed it was all over, that his role was no longer needed. ", "Well, I'm sure Buu got the message too. ", “If it'll make you feel better, I’ll invite Dad over to dinner tonight.”, Videl's face brightened. “You’re gonna to be late.”. He was now the only one between her and King Vegeta. current balance0gold,Still have to pay0gold. They could see the murderous gleam in her eyes, the desire which showed she would kill them all. This time for sure he’d surprise his master! Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru?, litt. A paradise for readers! ", "But... With the Kaioken I wouldn't need—", "Okay, okay," Goku interrupted, trying to change the subject, "we'll see later. Uub said in confusion, surprised by the image. His strength multiplied, and before long it exceeded that of his master. A white aura instantly surrounded the boy. Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) es un cómic online gratuito, realizado por un gran equipo de fans. She gave a violent punches and kicks, seemingly at random, to each of the attackers. Each of you are hereby invited to participate in the grandest martial arts tournament ever to be imagined.". Previously there were 18 universes, but Zeno (the supreme ruler of the Dragon Ball Multiverse) destroyed 6 of them in a fit of rage. “She’ll be with Dad, so there’s really no danger. None of them could see anything but a shadow, a slight, deadly movement in the air. said Goku. "I don't think so," replied Goku, turning to his two disciples. The planet had failed to explode. "He mentioned the strongest fighters in the universe. Rediscover the story of DBM, loaded with more detail. The microchip watched as the Saiyans attacked the Nameks. “That girl just does whatever she wants...”. The Kaioshin seemed to want to stop her, reaching out, but she disappeared too quickly in midair, as if she had never existed. Some fell; others went flying away into the walls which collapsed from the shock. ", "You don't need it, Pan, I've told you before. Some of the fighters in the multiverse tournament didn’t need sleep. He had manipulated his way into a position of leadership at the end of the war against the Tsufuls: a war he managed from start to finish, maintaining strategy, logistics, and organization. “I, too, have become stronger than y..ARGGH!”. His muscles took more volume as his blood vessels swelled to allow faster blood flow. They seemed to want to seize power, overthrow the king, they said. "No, it’s not him,” Goku said, suddenly serious. For months on end he had hardened his body to be able to withstand higher levels of power. He was not of this planet...he was a rather small being with purple skin, pointed ears, and hair in a crest on his head. “You are incapable of discretion.”. All I know is that this is the only home I have now. Occasionally mixed in to the destructive background noise was the shout of battle cries. The comic was originally created with a pen and paper. He looked at what she had done, surprised. Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization. Only the main building of the Vargas is left,” one of the soldiers reported to Freeza, who sat lazily on a stool. When a group left to inform the king, she decided to follow them, while others were gathering in the main square of their small village. El objeto, una nave espacial estrecha, con forma de «E» y cinco domos de cristal repartidos por su superficie, comenzó a moverse a través del vacío del espacio. “Not to mention that you’ve been miserably beaten by someone much faster than you,” added Coola, who didn’t hesitate to criticize one of his brother’s commandos. For thousands of miles, the land...nothing but rock now...no longer resembled anything. The Twelve Universes (12の宇宙, Jūni no Uchū), also called Multiverse referred to twelve massive celestial bodies which contain the entirety of the Dragon Ball multiverse, that exists into one singular universe. "We look forward to greeting you in person at the palace of Kami-Sama.". Esta novela está confirmada como canon por Salagir, quien también ha incluido sus propias adiciones, las cuales no han sido vistas en el manga. This time, I’m counting on you to surpass your current level! A blue and white aura surrounded him and his hair flowed in the sudden wind he’d created. Hanasia closed her eyes, smiling, and replied. Author : DarkLordLucifer. Tras su aparición, el sol y los planetas volvieron de forma instantánea a su lugar de origen, como si nada hubiese sucedido. A dozen of them charged the warrior whose right arm still dripped with blood. He’d felt something approaching their location, and it didn't take long before they saw what had puzzled Goku. "Alright!" When her body had completely materialized, she took a few seconds to contemplate the world, a world that had disappeared in many universes. She had memories of her life up until her death...and a little beyond it. And he made his selection quickly. Uub, now sitting on a nearby rock, took in the surrounding landscape that he and his sensei had been battling in. Some were already beginning to surpass him, and wanted to dethrone him. Raichi wanted to get rid of them all. Es nuestra propia continuación de DBZ. He wore a blue uniform. Ongoing. All returned with the same conclusion: “No Dragon Balls; I was spotted and threatened with exclusion from the tournament.” But ultimately, they all found something to report. Long ago, you were exceeded in power! “Is she up at least?” Videl, the man's wife, asked, placing one last box of cereal on the table. El comandante del navío apareció en la habitación al momento, con los brazos cruzados por detrás de la espalda, oteando con seriedad mientras analizaba los datos monitorizados. In his own universe, he had accomplished his mission. He then asked everyone, along with Chi-Chi, who insisted on coming along, to hold onto him. General Comics-Cartoons. asked Uub. Hanasia turned her head toward him without losing her smile. Fighting should be a hobby, something secondary...”. DB Multiverse Capítulo 1: ¡Un torneo realmente extraño! A dead silence ensued. Dragon Ball Multiverse is a Xianxia novels, Dragon Ball Multiverse by author DarkLordLucifer, Come join us for a relaxing read that will take you to brave new worlds! I found out this place is not my home and my birth home was one far different than this place, but what happened to my home that meant sending me here. The cataclysm went on and on. Vamos. The young warrior, reincarnation of the mighty Majin Buu—the monster who’d nearly destroyed the universe—closed his eyes and took in the landscape, trying to imagine what had undoubtedly been an epic duel nearly thirty years ago. "Of course I can! Gohan got up to move closer to his wife, placing his hand on her shoulder. At the end of the battle, she found herself alone with Vegeta. Baddack fell heavily to the ground. Before Gohan could reply, the patter of footsteps came hurtling down the stairs from the second floor. “Hey! After a few minutes of training, the two friends—master and disciple—took a little break and began talking. “It’s simple,” interrupted their father Cold. Current # of chapters "Since I came here to train with you two I didn't want to waste any energy by flying.". Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team. Anger and disappointment were obvious on the faces of the barbarians who now were slowly getting dressed. Con sus orejas puntiagudas y picos afilados, se movían de un lado a otro sin parar, ocupadas y desplazándose alrededor de la sala de control, color crema. I am a human training to be a strong warrior and watching the different stories my parents left me. said Pan, obviously very interested in the idea. Another participant not sleeping was Dr. Raichi. He was the younger of the two; brown skinned, dressed in a red-orange martial arts gi, and twenty years old. “It takes someone small, fast, and smart...”, Coola immediately reverted to his original form, then gestured to himself. The thunderous booms of powerful blows echoed through an isolated mountainous region, reverberating through the pillars and plateaus. We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. Dragonball Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The boy nodded. He flew toward her, shouting. General Anime-Manga. Gohan was away... "He's at work, as usual," Videl said, after Goku quickly explained the situation. La criatura de mayor rango, que era algo más grande que las demás, se giró hacia él asintiendo. —Diversos niveles de alto poder detectados —respondió una de las criaturas—. Make your way here and we’ll discuss everything...". —preguntó el comandante en voz alta, como si necesitase confirmación de lo que estaba leyendo en el monitor. And besides,” Gohan continued, rising from the table, “even I missed a few years of study—at the time I was even younger than her...”. Some preferred to avoid melee attacks, sending energy blasts toward Hanasia. "But neither can I!" Uub placed a hand on Goku's shoulder while Pan clung onto his belt. Dragon Ball Multiverse Novel is back on track! Buu of Universe 4 had no need for sleep, and neither did Majin Buu from Universe 11, who simply pretended to be asleep for the fun of it. It was obvious; almost everyone knew her. Pan said in agreement. A chart explaining all the different deviations for all 20 universes. "It's a long story," Piccolo said through the device, "but this is apparently no joke.


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