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He’s older and more fragile and I don’t want to ignore anything that will throw off his lab work, especially since it is within normal limits. The good news is that Dracaena are one species that is relatively resistant to disease or pest issues. someone tossed out a mass cane stalk, the roots are in good condition the stalk about 2' high slightly wrinkled but solid underneath and no foliage, can I bring it back to life?? My plant isn’t doing so well. That kind of start from a stem cutting carries little risk and would create more of a tabletop indoor plant if successful. Avoid over saturating the soil since the plant may have minimal root structure available to absorb water. However, after I water, several leaf tips will yellow. The plant can eventually develop a sooty mold fungus if it gets too out of hand. I purchased a few mass cane planters that have ivy at the base. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Mass Cane blooms are also quite messy, producing sticky drippy sap. To prevent your cat from becoming ill from eating straight margined dracaena, keep all houseplants out of the cat's reach and clean all fallen leaves regularly. How can I help it recover? You never know, you could end up with a huge plant decorating your home or office! If so, should I do it now while it is still winter or should I wait until spring? They love to attack new growth, and they’ll cause your Dracaena’s leaves to turn yellow and fall off. Are these two plants ok together or will the ivy effect the cane plants? According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), signs of pet poisoning due to species of Dracaena plants are vomiting, excessive drooling, and anorexia. amzn_assoc_search_bar="true"; If you live in a climate of low humidity, and or a place in which the temperature and weather are prone to dramatic changes it would not be a good idea to place a Mass Cane outside. We are passionate pet and animal enthusiasts bringing insightful information to ensure your furry, flying or finned friends are happy and in good health. Your email address will not be published. The top gets more sun than the bottom. Should I cut the stalks off since the leaves are well below the top? Last Updated: July 10, 2020 by. thoughthole (author) from Utah on May 02, 2016: Cara, to my knowledge Draceana are not poisonous to dogs. Any need to change out the soil? Answer: An indoor Dracaena will usually bloom when some external stress factor has come into play like a dramatic temperature change, or a move, so consequently indoor blooming is irregular. Since it is associated with prosperity and happiness, it is a common houseplant in many homes, especially in India. It always seems dry to me, even immediately following watering. This is a larger species of evergreen tree that can easily top 15-feet tall, and it can spread out to an impressive 8-feet wide with the correct care and attention. Fertilizer and compost can give your plant a much-needed nutrient boost, and this is especially true when you repot or replant your Dracaena. – Spider mites thrive on the underside of your Dracaena’s leaves, and they are a dusty brown color. To get your stem cuttings, perform the same cutting process you do for the top cuttings. September 1, 2019, Also known as cornstalk dracaena, happy plant, false palm, this popular houseplant has a base where several buds sprout and according to houseplantexperts.com, has “different types of leaves such as the massangeana, lindenii and Victoria” but closely resemble those of corn. Answer: This particular issue is well detailed in the Mass Cane article, a very common issue in which the smallest cane often has the most shallow roots of all the canes, and because of this is the most common to be deprived of water and die while the larger canes thrive. thoughthole (author) from Utah on July 28, 2015: NC, from your description it almost sounds as if your plant may have Mealy bug. If treatment is needed, it will likely be symptomatic in nature. Hello. Saponins are amphipathic glycosides that help protect it against fungi, microbes and also works as an antifeedant. It is best to cut these off. In other words, will the plant survive in a room with just a standard incandescent light bulb as its light source? I just looked at it and there is a very dark black coloration around the base (at stem) of the leaves. Incandescent light bulbs are not a good source of light for plants. Answer: The ability to safely keep a Mass Cane outdoors really is dependent on your outdoor climate. It’s important you keep these plants well out of your pets’ reach to help prevent costly vet bills and accidents. SAVE UP TO 50% OFF or More on If you have loamy soil, add a small amount of peat moss in to help with drainage. The leaves are long and strap-like, making it easy to clean. Cats can have dilated pupils if they ingest it. Nancy there are a number of things that can create white residue on interior plant leaves, one of the more common causes on draceana has been flaking mineral deposit residue that has likely collected in the leaves when it was in the nursery, or flaking leaf shine, neither of these issues are too serious. Mass Cane blooms take a great deal of energy from the plant, and in domestic settings serve little purpose. I pray that we all stay safe and hope this virus withers away... Troyymuellerr@gmail.com on November 14, 2019: Can I separate mass cane into separate pots. cheap flights y2yxvvfw. If you’ve just planted your dragon tree, you’ll feed them once a week for the first month to give them a nutritional boost and encourage them to take off. Answer: I recommend consulting a local nursery in your area for the best answer to this question.


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