croydon university hospital staff accommodation
All of the staff that we spoke with were welcoming, open, and receptive to the inspection process. Although it had been difficult to recruit and retain nursing staff, there were adequate arrangements to ensure safe nursing staff levels. Some patients told us they were aware of how busy ward staff were and this discouraged them from using their call bells unless absolutely necessary. �When you press the buzzer, they take time to come. Our inspection began on the evening, 5 August, and we went back the following afternoon. We made an unannounced visit to Croydon University Hospital on 22 November 2011 and spoke to people in Accident and Emergency (A&E), Queens 2, Wandle 3, Purley 3, Heathfield 2, and Rupert Bear wards. End of life care was also well-run, with appropriate links made with the local hospice, and multi-disciplinary teams working to make sure people’s needs were met. Find out about events where we will be speaking or exhibiting, and see presentations we've given at recent events. It serves a large and diverse local population with one of the highest black and minority ethnic populations in South London. Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is responsible for the planning and commissioning of Croydon University Hospital. All grades of staff ensured patients were covered with blankets and drapes when being transferred from bed to theatre table and whilst being prepared for their operation. There was still no hand gel or protective masks for the next fortnight, she claimed. The trust has applied for funding to rebuild its A&E and we believe this would make a big difference to patient experience. The hospital‘s senior team has been through a lot of change. The majority of women on the postnatal ward reported having 1:1 care throughout their labour and were positive about the care they received during labour. Overall patients we spoke to on our visit were positive about their care and treatment. There were blockages in the discharge of surgical patients due to lack of rehabilitation beds in the community. SOFI is a specific way of observing care to help us understand the experience of people who are not able to talk with us. The OPE programme is supporting a number of schemes that involve the release of NHS land for residential development. 143 responses, Mortality rate (in hospital and up to 30 days after discharge), Number of deaths within the expected range, Friends and Family Test score: Staff - Care. �Never events� are defined by the NHS National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) as �Serious, largely preventable, patient safety incidents that should not occur if the available preventative measures have been implemented.�. Patients were treated with dignity and respect and were supported with their individual needs. However, the clinical governance structures in surgery were weak, with a lack of reliable information about services. One of the people using the service felt that there were not enough staff particularly when caring for people who have dementia. �At night, they don�t walk around to check on you.�, �Nobody has changed the [drinking] water since yesterday.�, �Attitude of the staff is horrible.� �Only midwife has been nice.�, �Customer care zero. Staff were not always using best practice guidance and monitoring the effectiveness of care and treatment. We did, however, see good practice around the use of a safe surgery checklist.On one ward staff said more support was needed to ensure they could manage the range of specialities effectively. However, we did find evidence that people�s needs were not always being met in a way that was safe and effective. We saw evidence that surgery was generally safe and effective, with recent improvements in staffing numbers reflected in positive staff and patient feedback. We found systems for reporting and learning incidents were not always effective. We observed staff interacting with patients in a kind and courteous manner. We would like to thank all of the staff and people who helped to facilitate this review. The environment in Cardiology was not sufficiently clean or well maintained. There was no formal arrangement to access anaesthetic review of surgical patients at pre-assessment. 151 Buckingham Palace Road We make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and we encourage them to improve. The majority of JAM cards that had been completed the week prior to our visit on 14 July 2011 contained positive feedback about the quality of care. Our rating of services remained the same. Feedback from other wards was that staff were hard working and were generally available when needed. The individual nutritional needs of patients in ward areas and the Emergency Department were considered and acted upon. Some staff felt that communication from senior managers could be improved and they were not aware of the hospital staff forums. As these two services co-exist within the same building they have a direct relationship on each other�s function. During our inspection we saw several examples of good care and all of the people that we spoke with told us that they had been very happy with the treatment that they had received. It is early days but the new team is having an impact. Patients provided differing accounts of how caring staff were; some very positive about their experience while others raised concerns about the attitude of a few nursing staff. Waiting times for diagnostics were better than the England average. Maintenance on the medical care wards and equipment was not always undertaken in a timely way. Urgent care services within the hospital are hosted by Assura Wandle LLP. On the maternity unit women told us their care had been �very good�, �excellent and a good experience�. SIs were investigated, had an action plan and lesson learnt identified. There was effective multidisciplinary working within medical care. We observed one example of a shortage of staff impacting on the care of one patient and were told about others. We saw evidence that many staff from all professional backgrounds were committed to working with the new team to drive up quality. Ensure that 90% of staff receive up-to-date safeguarding. Investigations in the majority of instances had been undertaken in an open and transparent manner. For further information please contact our Regional Programme Managers for London. They also told us that staff members were friendly and helpful. The uptake of appraisals was variable in the services we inspected. Wards had little public health information on the national priorities to improve the population’s health on smoking cessation, obesity, drug and alcohol dependency, dementia and cancer. Sir Robert Naylor’s report recommended that land vacated by the NHS for affordable housing should be prioritised for the development of homes for NHS staff, where there is a need, and that action should be taken to accelerate the delivery of a large number of small-scale and low-risk developments to deliver housing. Croydon University Hospital provides acute services to a population of 383,000.The trust also runs15 community clinics across the area. In some cases where performance fell below the England average there was an improvement seen since the previous audit. Hospitals themselves are mostly managed by NHS trusts, which ensures high-quality care is provided and that money is spent effeciently. FREE OF CHARGE from 5pm in parking zone G (pictured right) and in Chapel Lane. However one "Just a Minute" (JAM) - feedback cards available for people to complete - for the postnatal ward stated, "Postnatal care on readmission has been good. The following week there were Covid-19 patients in the ITU - which shares a door with Laura on the Duppas 1 and 2 wards at Croydon University Hospital, south London. The checklist identifies three phases of an operation, each corresponding to a specific period in the normal flow of work as follows: Before the patient has the anaesthetic (�sign in�), before the operation starts (�time out�) and before the patient leaves the operating room (�sign out�). We spoke with patients and members of staff, both clinical and non clinical, asking them about their views of the service. Nursing staff were on ward so they could support and monitor patients who required assistance. Very happy.". Ensure that the planned improvements to parent accommodation in children's services is completed on time. Discharge arrangements were not always efficient, with patients waiting too long in the discharge lounge and waiting too long for their prescriptions. Ensure that medicines are correctly stored and are in date. We saw several areas of outstanding practice, including: Croydon University Hospital is the main acute hospital managed by Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. The A&E unit is not consistently providing safe care, mainly because of relationships with the UCC run by another provider (against which we are taking action). Patient risk assessments were undertaken and where patients' conditions deteriorated, their needs were responded to by appropriately skilled staff. However, one patient said that she had been told by a midwife that she would be washed, but that it hadn�t happened. These were sometimes opened at short notice, staffed by bank and agency nurses and at times impacted on patients who were booked to have planned procedures. All my needs and baby�s needs were met. There was too much reliance on non-permanent staff outside of core hours and the unit was cramped. However the number of complaints has levelled off to below expected numbers in recent months. Some patients felt they had received good care and that the nurses were friendly and caring. With heated wooden flooring throughout, Latitude Apartments also feature a living area with an Ultra HDD 50-inch flat-screen TV, dining table and chairs, a bedroom with an private bathroom and free toiletries. The assessment of patients' pain was carried out and the majority of patients reported having timely pain relief. We also visited theatres 1 and 4 within the day surgery department. Individuals generally felt that staff worked very hard however they made comments about staff being "overstretched", "hard pressed" and "overworked". On balance, the people we spoke to were generally positive about the care that they received at Croydon University Hospital although the majority also made comments about how busy or overstretched staff were. We acknowledge that on 14 July 2011 the unit was relatively quiet and on 5 October 2011 the unit was busy. During our visit we were shown the "Just a minute" cards for the ante natal ward in January 2011. Some patients spent too long in the Emergency Department before being admitted to a ward. All of the executive team – with the exception of the Director of Nursing – have been in post less than a year. As we carried out a focused inspection, which did not include all key lines of enquiry (KLOEs), we have not rated the services or hospital as a result of this inspection. We attend a range of events throughout the year. The number of homes for NHS staff that will be delivered through the pilot will be determined on a site-by-site basis once master-planning and feasibility studies are completed. We carried out a focused inspection on 5th and 6th August in response to concerns we received from patients and relatives about the nursing care provided in medical and surgical services and the results of the 2018 NHS inpatient survey. There was a culture of honesty, openness and transparency within the service. Where changes happened in theatres as a result of external recommendations these had been changed by subsequent external consultation. More can be done to ensure the Critical Care Unit is delivering consistently safe and effective care.


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