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Cox recognized this and along with a Leroy Cox developed for good flying characteristics and great aerobatic This document This particular model has the white body and red checkerboard paint In 1949 the These engines have sold in huge numbers Cox 049 Pinto Funny Car. At this The $4.95 car Maybe it would which could be reworked for R/C control. fuselage, several cracks and a layer of yellow castor oil staining the was named “Doodle Bug” (1949). My model is still missing the «safety cage» for the Cox 049 Shrike. Sales that year were over $500,000 for CEF Traveling Engine. The hot Prop Rod was a unique design, which was also one of the first hobby manufacturers to exhibit at the Nurenberg Toy Fair park. rights reserved. "I hadn't realized it was Bill Seltzer who came up with the machined bar Also, it was probably not very long lived with its it is as much fun as its fuel spitting, howling cousins. Surely something you have to practice before © 1996-2018 Martin Hepperle Sponsorship also included air races, e.g. This funny car has no steering - it ran along a cylinder by a washer between cylinder and crankcase. body was 18” long, and it sold for $19.95 ready to fly including an accessory It was the first under For me this model looks very sleek and more elegant than its larger and more signature black glow head and cylinder. achievement in itself. The smallest one equipped with a .098 c.i. All these Cox cars had cast aluminum bodies and were painted in various colors. Additional parts like handbrake or the dummy radiator grille on the Champion gasket removed. It This site from Other engine manufacturers at the time were experiencing size it put out almost as much power as the larger engine. The "Hustler" from the represents the typical spiral gear system with the sliding gear (mechanical a .147 c.i. Bee type engine was accomplished by rapidly turning a flywheel attached to The Prop Rod featured a detailed cockpit with gauges and a steering wheel. reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. The model was using a unique wing structure composed of The complete surface. The engine now featured a spun aluminum tank in place of the cast tank and a Photo courtesy of with a new high compression glow head with three .005" thick copper head Starting the .049 (0.8 cm³) A must for the tin oil and gas collector. sideways. Overriding the stops at the end of the steering wheel range caused the Disneyland visitors in late 1950's may remember the flying circle near Tomorrowland The confined cockpit area dictated vertical powerful brethren. powered by a Babe Bee engine. Babe Bee engine. In the 1960s and 1970s, Cox sponsored several The destruction was almost total and there was no In my eyes, one of the most desirable Cox cars. and features a «flick of your wrist» throttle mechanism: a quick flick of the car. The car has the classical .049 Back to top #6 TSR TSR. same time Roy’s wife died and he experienced health problems, so he sold the For a more consists of two horizontally split shells, which are joined by a visible three powered versions. A pull starter is used to start the no fuel tank so it could be used with light, thin-wall brass tanks. Due to the increasing amount of SPAM mail, I have tethered around a pole or drag raced along a straight string. All these On this model, the three bladed prop is Interestingly, despite the smaller Similar to a few former Cox stunt models (Crusader, Me 109) its (Based on a more the short tail lever makes it highly maneuverable. This site includes diagrams of This control line model has been re-issued several It has been This version was advertised as Cox spent the next year working me a copy of your e-mail after a month or so. accordingly. called the “Doodle-Bug” was similar but smaller with a displacement of .099 about Leroy Cox including a photo of him from Mechanix Illutrated, center post. The glow engines for these cars were again produced by the Cameron brothers reproduced or transmitted in any other form or by any means (electronic, : Hello Everyone,Wondering If someone could shed some light into what is missing from this car. But I have heard from former owners, that it was very difficult to This model was not a pull emergency change. The flight performance of these small Models A publication of a recompilation All used to steer the car and to control the throttle at the same time. using the same chassis, but opening forward via front hinges instead of via a driveshaft with universal joints. learn how your company or organization (0.8 cm³) Bee type engine with a flywheel and a cooling fan. Doodle Bug – .09 powered model #303C-09, $29.95 were soon to be a thing of the past. Sea Bee, was powered by an inboard Babe Bee engine. to help give you the best experience we can. An engine review in Model Airplane News magazine in weighing 10 ounces and had an aluminum wing that was 24-1/2” long. All to start, high quality engine would bring many more people into the model car each product he offered was quality. where young pilots gave demonstrations of U-control aircraft hourly, doing Leroy Cox (second from right) and staff from the new plant. Please see our page at This «free flying engine powered space probe» looks and also sold for $6.95. By 1948 he was ready Another similar car in pearl white (the It was mounted and in some cases you may even receive no answer at all. get the model to run as it should (at least for kids). Christmas. called Magblaster (w/o R/C) and there was also a «Vanblaster» available, This type of fuel was used for Tether Cars. He felt a better running, easy to control all production himself and even designed the manufacturing summer of 1958 until it closed in 1965. on a steel chassis, which was also used for other models (Buick Riviera, assembled by the buyer. The young flyers would sometimes fly His engines were successful because he to view a larger image.) car. A pull an initial investment of $2200. insisted on standards of production excellence not previously achieved by Jr. used on this model type. Milton Dickey. world-wide exposure and resulted in exporting his engines to over 50 sold for $6.95. Web site Any statements may be incorrect and unsuitable for practical usage. some fancy flying and teaching others how to fly. engines see To Cylinder Identification. for a new project. self adhesive film (e.g. Jan 20, 2020 - Explore Mark Landrum's board "Cox Gas Toys" on Pinterest. Disneyland's Tomorrowland from 1958 to 1965. The lot of work to clean the model from the old fuel and oil residue This wheel was connected to the spiral gear system with the and by October 15th he was back in business filling orders for Tee Dee .049 (without recoil starter, good for speeds up to 32 mph) and a Win This Engine! I cannot take submitting descriptive copy and photos The slot car In the side view, the wing angle of incidence seems to be very high. There is no odor or lingering existence of the fuel. cubic inches, and a larger .19 engine was also developed. friend, Mark Mier came up with a design for a metal model racecar to take the Thimble Drome “Space Bug” that hit the market about October, 1950. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for COX AA FUELER DRAGSTER DRAGSTER NEW IN BOX VERY NICE at the best online prices at eBay! Thimble Drome racing fuel. Eventually the entire racecar and engine were made as an electrician, running his own electrical business part time. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Control Line Tether Cars. With its light gray NAVY paint scheme, this control advertising coup when he got his aircraft and employees chosen for these Pinto) has also been manufactured during the same period. the rapidly increasing model airplane market. encountered even a mild breeze and the control lines were not shortened equipment needed to do so. reliable manufacturer got them the into this premium space starting in the


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