colnago v3 test
Similarly, even in frosty conditions the V3Rs encouraged me to lean into corners on descents, and delivered sharp, accurate handling. Wheels Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 disc carbon The bike is fast. All too often the shape of a frame is based on long-established norms that few ever challenge, so it’s encouraging to see Colnago isn’t stuck in its ways. I had the chance to ride the disc version of the new bike at its launch in sun-soaked Tuscany and it’s a true superbike, albeit one that does little to differentiate itself from the competition. Riding it uphill I felt like I was on a svelte, lightweight rim brake climber; on gravel I felt that I was aboard a versatile all-road racer; and on long flats it felt as though I was hammering along on a bulky aero beast. The key takeaway for me was that Colnago has really looked at how disc brakes could improve the design, rather than slapping them on to appease marketing trends. To counteract this, the bottom bracket has been dropped by 2-3 mm, depending on the frame size. In terms of geometry, both models are identical. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, All-new carbon frameset with dropped seatstays and aero tube profiles, 790g claimed frame weight (size 50 sloping, unpainted), Hidden cables and hoses, with routing through bar and stem. Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts. At 72mm for a size 54s, the bottom bracket drop is not only lower than the likes of the Specialized Tarmac, but lower than the multi-road Open UP or GT Grade. For me, the most exciting change is around tyre clearance. As Ernesto Colnago proudly stated, the V3Rs is not an evolution of the V-2R but was developed from the ground up instead. The componentry only serves an example seeing as Colnago won’t be selling complete builds. On the weight front, Colnago says the frame uses a higher grade of carbon that offers increased stiffness at a lower weight. With such promising stats on stiffness and weight, and some curious digits on the geometry page, I was eager to let the V3Rs loose on the tarmac, and perhaps even a little gravel. For one thing, the V3Rs frame is cheaper than the C64, but it is also substantially lighter, weighing only 790g for a size 50s (equivalent to a standard 54cm). You've been subscribed to our newsletter. In recent years, road bikes seem to have converged on a predictable design recipe: dropped seatstays, truncated aerofoil tube profiles, and ever increasing levels of integration. Tires Pirelli P ZERO Velo, 700 x 28C Quality carbon and clever assembly in the high range of components provide a very high level of performance at the right cost and make V3 a perfectly balanced bike from every point of view. The front end is a little bit harsh, but it suits the bike’s race character. More tire clearance: with room for up to 30 mm wide tires, Colnago is on-trend, giving the V3Rs significantly more reserves for rough asphalt or the occasional gravel road. When Colnago created the initial designs for the all new V3Rs it focused on its’ experience with the V1-r and V2-r. If you want more comfort, the generous clearance of the frame will allow you to fit bigger volume tires. Seat post Colnago V3Rs, 20 mm offset We’re excited to see the pro’s ride it at the Vuelta a Españia. Whether you’re sitting down or standing on the pedals – the V3Rs is efficient, agile and fast. According to Colnago, only the finest materials are used on the V3Rs, making the frameset a whole 200 g lighter than the V3. The V3Rs doesn’t rattle over these like an old-school Euro racer, instead tracking precisely without drama. This gives the V3Rs a clean look and also offers significant aerodynamic advantages. Originally a roadie, he likes bikes and kit of every stripe, and he's tested a huge variety of both over the years for BikeRadar, Cycling Plus and others. While I could exhaust myself with comparisons to an S-Works Venge or Cannondale SuperSix, it’s easier just to say that the V3Rs is an excellent bike – every bit as good as I could ever need it to be. Today the V3 represents the best of Colnago technology applied to a monocoque frame. More compliance: both the newly developed frame with the dropped seat stays and the carbon-reinforced headset cups supposedly add a significant amount of compliance. For a long time Matthew's heart belonged to the Scott Addict, but he's currently enjoying Specialized's sublime Roubaix Expert and having a torrid affair with a Giant Trance e-MTB. V3. EPS certainly has a distinctive aesthetic. It was a gusty day and I did find myself wishing for a shallower front wheel as the wind tugged at me through sweeping bends on a fast descent. Felt Breed 20 gravel bike first ride review – A lot of gravel performance at a low... Salsa Journeyman 24 launch – gravel fun for little ones. With the V3Rs, Colnago present the third generation of the race bike they originally developed with the help Ferrari’s aerodynamics and carbon know-how. Shifting feels as effortless as you’d hope and the braking is extremely predictable, with a curious but not offensive soundtrack that puts me in mind of buzzing cicadas. This worked out well as a strategy but I should have specified narrower bars and a shorter stem because Colnago opted to fit a rather roomier cockpit than I’d have liked. However, the front end does pass bigger hits on to the rider and you should be sure to have a firm grip on the handlebar. The matching seatpost is a lovely looking thing. It should be noted here that Colnago is offering two different models: the flagship V3Rs and the more affordable V3 model. The Rake spells mass infiltration of #menswear insta cyclists- next step is to host a pop up at Pitti Uomo. Grazie mille, Ernesto! The V3Rs can officially fit 30mm tyres, which means in practical terms that a 32mm tyre is probably possible, depending on the make of tyre. It climbs very efficiently too, and together with its minimal weight, conquering long climbs is an absolute joy. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. The separate stem allows you to adjust the handlebar to your liking or to fit a different handlebar entirely. The efficiency of the V3Rs is evident from the first sprint and the new cockpit doesn’t yield no matter how hard you pull on it – perfect for sprinting! Stronger winds tend to push the 60 mm deep rims around a bit, but thanks to the balanced and evenly distributed weight you’re easily able to keep everything under control. The latest bikes from Specialized, Scott, Cannondale, Wilierand numerous others fit this mould and the V3Rs is bang on trend here. A greater BB drop lowers your centre of gravity and so should make for a more stable ride but could slightly undermine pedal clearance – although I never noticed any evidence of this. This is how much room you have with 28mm Pirellis. What is Colnago’s new race bike capable of? The V3Rs accelerates incredibly well from a standstill: thanks to the stiff bottom bracket, every little bit of power on the pedals is transferred directly into acceleration. There’s something uniquely skilled about Italian bike builders in the way they create an exciting, animated and smooth ride quality that just makes a bike feel rapid.


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