chrollo or kuroro
クロロ゠ルシルフル [45], On August 9th, Chrollo meets up with Machi at a market inside the Black Whale. Crie uma conta em poucos cliques ou inicie sessão para continuar. #Chrollo-Lucilfer; #Hunter-X-Hunter He can appreciate a vision of vindictive beauty with eyes of scarlet gems and a frame that moves with lethal grace. It is unknown when and what the exact circumstances were but Chrollo has fought Silva Zoldyck once before their battle at the Yorknew City Auction. Machi and Nobunaga easily recapture them despite the total darkness. Alive Weeks of seeing hundreds of "Chrollo is such a coward" threads "Hisoka killed Shal and topi so the real winner is of course Hisoka ahaha" x 1000. waiting for a comeback is the same as waiting to see my favorite characters get sliced in half one after another. He is usually seen wearing a dark purple fur-collared leather and a fur trench coat that is unbuttoned, revealing his muscular body, while the coat is imprinted with the golden St. Peter's Cross on the back. Chrollo is also endowed with terrific strategic abilities as well as astounding strength of mind and willpower, even by the standards of the Troupe. The victims can no longer use their stolen abilities. Anime Debut Age Additionally, Double Face will enable Chrollo to use two Nen abilities at the same time as he can close a page and still utilize the said ability. Declaring the explanation is finished, Chrollo states that his victory is certain and asks Hisoka if he is willing to go on nonetheless. Chrollo is an exceptional fighter, being the leader of the Phantom Troupe and revered as the strongest member by most of them. [30][31] On the way, noticing that they are being followed by 2 people, he tells Kortopi, Nobunaga and Pakunoda to go ahead while he, Machi, and Shizuku stay behind. As their clients are dead, they spare him and leave. In other translations, his name is spelled "Kuroro". Chrollo Lucilfer (クロロ=ルシルフル, Kuroro Rushirufuru) is the leader of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous gang of thieves with class A bounties. Chrollo vs. Zeno Zoldyck and Silva Zoldyck. When Hisoka consents, he thinks to himself that humans are fascinating creatures. Neon refuses to read her own predictions, feeling it would spoil her ability,[14] but Chrollo has his predictions read out by the addressees. He has complete dominion over his emotions, as demonstrated when he was captured by Kurapika; on that occasion, however, he managed to take notice of the latter's weakness (he would prioritize his friends over his revenge). [13] Meanwhile, Pakunoda and the other two are able to know Kurapika's name and face after capturing and killing Squala. He orchestrated the attack on the Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City on September 6'th, and caused so much mayhem that it was considered to be one of the greatest heists in history and completely remapped the power structure of the mafia around the world. Eye Color Both can summon carnivorous fish to fight.


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