century arms c93 pistol specs
Once the buttcap is removed the pistol grip assembly can them be rotated downward and removed. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship magazines to out of state addresses and we cannot alter or customize magazines at this time. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov, C93 Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. 5.56x45MM Congratulations on your purchase of the C93 Rifle. The iron sights are well designed and feature a fixed front post and rotating rear drum, mechanically adjustable for windage and elevation. We are working to restock as quickly as possible and please sign up for the Notify Me list . Century Arms C93 Review The AR-15 is awesome, but it isn't for everyone. There is no forward assist although there are serrations on the bolt, which can be pushed forward with the thumb and act as a forward assist. There is an additional small sling mount at the front of the pistol just under the front sight assembly for a stable two-point sling carry. )F�p��`(�����&U5$-(76�� One normally expects a good deal of muzzle flash from firing a rifle caliber out of such a short barrel but the flash suppressor effectively eliminated that concern. The right side round magazine release button is located on the magazine well where it can be operated by the trigger finger. Like all things HK, several of these mounts are collector’s items, fetching several hundred dollars. Both rounds caused consistent failures to extract, while all others encountered zero issues—which is especially unfortunate, because the Hornady TAP and Winchester 3-Gun were among the most accurate rounds tested, performing just above one MOA at 100 yards. These are backed up by a 1 year factory warranty by Century International Arms . While perhaps not as versatile or with as many after market accessories as are available for AR-style pistols, the C93 does keep things interesting and fun. Thankfully, there is an inexpensive solution thanks to the Century Arms C93. With proper care and handling, it will give you long, reliable service. The sights are of the standard HK variety which work well however I found shot placement using iron sights to be low and to the right, out of the box. GQ%!К� �t"\�΄��+�K�e�Ӎ���tKw;F,���'���`�:C�vK���@���f����@�Mi8�7�J�*s3l{�O'�0��l%^�2H��Bt�N-6�b�Y�M����94��v �����*��b^)�q�U��vw�$x��1*�Ʒ��A�ja�Oy��8� My best group at that distance was 1.4 inches and that is with a lot of wind. 176 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<330B9F82F975E36BDADCC3EB7EC6B53F><8077EC927B8B6A428929656F68FCF16E>]/Index[148 52]/Info 147 0 R/Length 122/Prev 733874/Root 149 0 R/Size 200/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream H0��;� $�S@� !��j"9 m �I �w �� �$�`��� �V�{��;HG���������t&Fe�[�B�g�| ` :�| Original steel HK magazines can also be found in different capacities but expect to pay a premium. Description: Century Arms C93 Semi-automatic Pistol .223 Rem 5.56NATO 8.5" Barrel 40 Round Magazine Steel Frame Black Adjustable Sights and BULLDOG gun case (soft) Specifications and Features: Manufacturer: Century Arms Model:C93 Type: Pistol Action: Semi Automatic Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56NATO Barrel Length: 8.5" Frame: Steel Finish: Black Capacity: 40 Rounds Sights: Adjustable … .223 FREE SHIPPING, Copyright © 2020 - Website Designed by FDI Creative. The C93’s receiver is built from a single piece of folded steel welded together along the bottom, forming a shell that holds the fire control system, bolt, carrier, and barrel trunnion. It comes with a stabilizing brace so you can punch paper more comfortably and accurately. Overall the fit and finish of the rifle was quite good with all of the controls and moving parts looking and behaving in a properly assembled fashion. Nonetheless, I needed to get my Navy SEALS “tacti-cool” fix while simultaneously satiating my pragmatic side. SpecificationsManufacturer: Century ArmsModel: C93Action: Roller-Delayed Blowback Semi-AutoCaliber: 5.56x45 NATO/ .223 Rem.Finish: Grey ParkerizingStocks: Black PolymerFront Sight: Hooded PostRear Sight: Twist Adjustable ApertureBarrel Length: 16.25"Muzzle: Removable Flash SuppressorOverall Length: 36.5"Height: 8.5" at Pistol GripWeight: 8-lbs. century arms c39 ak-47 pistol. With the stock removed, pull down on the pistol grip to separate the polymer fire control group from the receiver. Features a fluted chamber for reliable cycling and a roller locked delayed blowback system. �!�_]�]�}�E T����A ���8��~�/�m��p�R�L�yʢI�fZL6!�Ү���KseӜ��X��C��\��s����̂I��]�$l��[/Y�/�0M���0�V���[I�}h���ʴ���4ݷW�X�0˩� They were also manufactured under license in Turkey, however Thailand is the only country that continues to manufacture and issue the long 40-round magazines included with the C93 and has placed into service over 50,000 HK33s with their military and police forces. Vector Arms V-93. A steel ring sling mount is attached to left side of the front sight with a sling loop mounted in the left side of the shoulder stock. Disassembly is also a very simple affair once the pistol has been cleared and the magazine removed. To remove the trigger assembly from the grip housing, simply rotate the selector lever until it is pointing straight up and then pull the selector out from the grip assembly. The rifle’s chamber is fully fluted so that some of the escaping gasses can come back around the case and separate it from the chamber to aid extraction. The fit on the pistol is very tight and the charging handle was stiff and required some force to use, but I expect that these parts would smooth out with continued use. HK also made the short select-fire HK53 equipped with a collapsible stock for U.S. law enforcement agencies but never a pistol version for civilian sales. The black finish on the C93 pistol is extremely well executed and attractive, and is evenly applied throughout. ���N�8���`���բ�3����C:����3�4�1�1�p��#�4�ki�u���ꮣ��]WsS����A?����C��������p��t�8H��c��:����{Ꞝ�p�Q���{ꇓ �(M�8U�a�~?����x They functioned reliably as well. However, this level of disassembly is sufficient for routine maintenance. ���:���TJ�T�����/�t��B��LaI~KaKoK����-L���a����ݎ�K�0}G��4=Q��BLK��b��*L�RX�a�c �u,tla���4�#���p|���e2yO� That said, a suitable break-in period should be expected with this pistol. The length of pull on the standard stock is a happy medium that fits the majority of shooters, and allows for nose-to-charging-handle-style shooting. The C93 features a 16.25-inch barrel and traditional HK-style polymer furniture. *?�=a�ːt�6 ��tR�b�i��fa2����)kR(E=�|���@��I!���4 J�)�)ފfx��*Lۦ�4��y�?��&�t%����� Lra�I0�y�GA���8��� The good news is that in testing the C93 ran with the cheapest ammo I could find, as well as military-grade M193 and M855 green tip. The grip assembly has a large opening for ease of use with gloves and includes a thumb rest and finger grooves for added comfort and ergonomics. The C93 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered for the 5.56x45mm cartridge. For more information go to -, View all Miscellaneous (HK, UZI, MAC Type) Products, Heckler & Koch VP9/P30 20RD Magazine- 50239330, HECKLER & KOCH HK -MP5/ SP5K MAGAZINE -239257S-642230255210, OMEGA GIDEON SHADOW UMP BARRELED RECEIVER, ATI SCHMEISSER S60 .223/5.56 60RD AR15 MAGAZINE GEN II, ProMag AR15 5.56 65 Round Drum Magazine- DRM-A8, Russian AK-47 Bayonet & Scabbard-6x3-NRA Excellent-SALE, Black Aces Tactical 12ga Buckshot- Law Enforcement Grade 250 Round Case, AK 47 Ammo 762x39 Red Army Standard 640 Round Tin, Beretta Mod 1951 Pistol Steel Frame- Carabinieri Police Surplus - C&R Eligible. Century also included a well-made padded case with the pistol provided. Get the American Rifleman Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. The C93 Pistol is assembled by Century in its Vermont plant from military surplus parts kits using a U.S.-made stamped sheet metal receiver and other U.S.-made parts. As the gun fires, all of the expanding gasses produced by the cartridge are directed though the barrel which in turn drives, or blows, the cartridge case directly back against the bolt. Rifle-caliber pistols are growing in popularity as an easy way for the average person to posses a lot of firepower in a small package without a lot of extra paperwork. A folding carry handle is located on top of the receiver. With proper care and handling, it will give you long, reliable service. The C93's sheet steel upper receiver is easily identified as a new component thanks to stampings on the right side of the magazine well. California Customers : We will be glad to ship this item to CA the rifle will have mag lock installed and Atlantic will remove the magazine from the order and ship the firearm to your FFL dealer without the magazine. Last summer, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a Heckler & Koch (HK) MP5 chambered in 9 mm. This semi-automatic rifle is assembled by Century using a mix of surplus military components and new American-made parts. This is a very secure method of doing so, but unfortunately, makes it non user-serviceable to the vast majority of shooters.


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