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do, where to eat etc for Adults and Children in Brentford. View more images in the Brentford Dock gallery. When an inquiry was put to RICS astonishingly they …, Veronica Wray and her Board made reference to a Brentford Dock “rogue Board” in the 586 Brentford Dock Ltd. Board meeting minutes. All properties are supplied by a District Heating and Hot Water system. Were the participants of this alleged “rogue board” given opportunity to defend their apparent “rogue” …, In light of the background of a very serious Data Protection Act breach, and John Antrobus’ roles as both data and budget controller for Brentford Dock Ltd, the question of John Antrobus’ qualifications was raised with Paul Booth, a Brentford Dock Ltd director and block director for Julius and Marcus Courts. Laundry and waste disposal facilities are available (no oil disposal). database on Brentford, starting with schools searchable by price/rent and number of bedrooms. Residents of Brentford Dock spoke to security on Saturday the 9th of June and were told that the boilers were now off for the annual heating shut down which occurred the day before, however around 16.00hrs Friday residents were The Security Team also provide additional services, such as parcel collection and key holding, as well as parking control. They oversee the operations of the other Service Providers – cleaning, security, grounds maintenance etc., on behalf of BDL. Shoreside storage available by arrangement, Please note that there are limited parking facilities on site. BDL is responsible for the maintenance of all communal areas and the external fabric of buildings on the Estate and in each Block. (Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy policy here). Many properties have individual allocated parking spaces or garages with them and these are often rented, or sold between Residents. For further information contact the Dock’s Management Office, or call 020 8568 5096. Brentford Dock archiving, lead director for this project is Leslie Anne Ferber. For over 100 years Brentford Dock was an important part of the transport infrastructure, having been created as a trans-shipment point linking the Great…, Brentford Dock Marina is situated on the tidal River Thames at the mouth of the Grand Union Canal between Kew Bridge and Isleworth in the southern part of…, View and download the latest Brentford Dock newsletter and catch up on previous newsletters from the Brentford Dock archives…. The list events in TW8. See our guide to Leslie Anne Ferber describes herself as an “Independent Information Services Professional” and who in a Julius Court & Marcus Court residents block meeting stated that she has 30 years of experience in archiving. All maintenance and repair issues are dealt with by the on-site team according to their urgency, and prioritised according to safety, essential services, building structures and aesthetics, using Service Charge funds which have been collected for this purpose. Hugh Smith or Steve Tatham are on-duty and available to assist you every day from 08.30hrs to 18.00hrs from April to October and from 08.30hrs to 16.00hrs from November to March. 16amp, 240 volt metered, pedestal power outlets are available on the pontoons. Photos of the presentation by our MP Ruth Cadbury and Mayor Tony Louki Results and Prizes Residents Competition prizes and results 1st Ged and Abhi of 4 Numa Court, bottle of Champagne and trophy, 30 votes 2nd Pete and Lindsey 13 Otho Court, bottle of … Once a working dock, today it is one of London’s undiscovered treasures. Visit The Brentford Dock Gallery for more images. By continuing you consent to our terms and your data being collected. Residents would be interested to know who were the members of this “rogue Board” and what were the actions/activities undertaken by this Brentford Dock Board that warranted a description of it as being “rogue”? Read moreBrentford Dock, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and CCTV. We already have over 600 The defendant in the case was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment and harassment. Brentford Dock benefits from having a Residents Clubroom, situated near the entrance to the Estate at 1 Augustus Close. © Brentford Dock. houses for sale or to let in Brentford, listed on our database, which is area. All Rights Reserved | GDPR. Brentford Dock residents' website ‘’'Brentford', The Environs of London’’: volume 2: County of Middlesex (1795), pp. Please email if you have any photos to contribute. BDL is also the parent company of Brentford Dock Enterprises Limited (BDEL), which undertakes the Dock’s ‘commercial’ activities. 50 people can be comfortably seated at tables (furniture provided) and there is a kitchen available which is suitable for preparing buffet food if desired. A massive thanks to all who made the Dock bloom and also helped reduce air pollution. Life on Brentford Dock (Sponsored by the Brentford Dock Events Team) Fish and Chips will now be delivered once a fortnight. Life on Brentford Dock This Community website was launched February 2018. All Rights Reserved | GDPR. One of BDEL’s main activities is the operation of the Marina which sits at the heart of the Estate. Learn more. If you would like to sign up to the electronic version of The Brentford Dock Newsletter please enter your email address. For further information contact the Dock’s Management Office, or call 020 8568 5096.


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