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But the Boulders have something the Uintas don’t — stunning mega views of Utah… Dustin’s 2016 Utah Traditional Archery Elk Hunt, Crispi Boot Review | Idaho, Dakota, Summit, Crispi Crossover Review – Early Season Hunting Boot. �ܛ2�\��*$�'�q�)i_�fD��[��پf~�M��e�u�0�%&��妷B!�dV��(r��� �8��kmT �6��2�i�@90����;8v��R�L�jy�kg�$q��2ԏB�Y��7);� �Qf:=ŷ�w �K�8���?���8J J]��0�����K��f ���s TxwZ����%o��oy���ީ�@�SR��;��@gh��6S.���#��M�z� C�� ;���ֽ�RHb�������xE �g��Է�~��tXלH��^��8�;� The first day we spent on the north slope hitting a few of the lakes beneath the rim. 0000014924 00000 n Powell Point, on the southwest edge, provides an amazing panoramic view. [��E�ڼ%R����U�5�n����.������`̋�(�"t_���ȇ3�ݛ4'�n�9��rY���%[�u�B�p��%��D�g��&pp�Za,&d��Nr�^¿ ��}| endstream endobj 146 0 obj <>stream Do yourself a favor and stop off Utah's All-American Road, Scenic Byway 12 when traveling from Torrey to Boulder to visit one of the many high-alpine lakes the area has to offer (check out the great fishing). 0000028477 00000 n Highways 12 and 24 are kept open year-round, except during major storms. Most back roads are extremely rough (in harmony with the name Boulder Mountain), and can only be traveled using high clearance, four-wheel drive vehicles. Ever since then I have been wanting to return. ޹OfaO�7�#�eadD���TD��N���p���.L��x�@-�lվy�M�J�����8�Q�خ�"#{`�ƍ�5�������7ۖ8�.� � �P }��=�M�QV,���_S���� ,�#W�'� HUu�19���aqM_5��M After picking up the llamas in Torrey, UT (they’ve were in Torrey all summer working for Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas) we headed to the top of the Boulder Mountains. �D�e�uZ@ � w�'�r�=����m�t�0�]�c�le��Ȋz ��AT�Ԭ�3�pHF0Q݇Q Not only is it home to rare flowers, it is home to huge fish too. Continue. ��e���0��r�o�{Z�y{����+�ۙ�ZI�S�3�{���i��-im�;��:�4 ԕ_�_��vۡf�����$(8-y�BEl+P �*�+�jÆ��CyF>�me$����ƾfl+�4H���f���KMݯ> #��~�XS P��6ie�N�J;$~�Т�n�9�A}M���������_��������?y ���K#H3����W���p��[O��I&C�ge$e���zƥqo#7|'�� g8RI��E� -�W �#�!��j^ݚR��'���D��A����͈Sk8x[Ħ�kO�6�E�ւc[����� �c=�������@,���Β���G/\7�P$�P�5�DG�O�D���A�zP�Q� ����� }"�FX�̄5#r/=P7D��7X=�J����S�����!��� H��W;�%7���� ��H�g��`7���UTw���a8s2��Ȗ�g�g{��W{������]__l��j�����Ƿ��?~���?��;��wo���5�����}�T���{7K`C This year I was going with my cousin Taylor. 0000028170 00000 n Brown Trout There are over 50 fishable lakes spread across a high country plateau, most of which require some amount of hiking. We arrived at Raft Lake right as the sun was setting so we decided to camp there for the night and continue on to some other lakes the next morning. 0000013221 00000 n Some lakes require hiking or backpacking to, especially in the winter. It was a cool, cloudy, and breezy day. DWR hunt layer. All Maps; Utah's Best Trout Waters Map; Tiger Muskie Fishing Map ; Wiper Fishing Map; Utah's Best Bass Waters; Fishing Techniques. trailer <]/Prev 753570>> startxref 0 %%EOF 164 0 obj <>stream 0000002218 00000 n Last year was the first time I had ever fished the Boulder Mountains in eastern Utah. Copyright © 2020 Utah Office of Tourism. H�\��j�0��z We currently live and play in beautiful Arizona, but often explore all over the Southwest and beyond. Boulder Mountain Lakes Description: Fish Species: Brook Trout; Cutthroat Trout; Rainbow Trout; Brook Trout; Directions/Location: Current Regulations: Statewide Trout limit - 4 fish; Bonus limit of 4 Brook Trout (if at least 4 fish in your bag are Brook Trout, then you can keep a total of 8 trout). 0000026975 00000 n Extra3. It’s a high elevation plateau that drops steeply into the surrounding deserts. Snowmobiling and ice fishing are possible, but anglers need to. These environmentally productive waters sustain healthy fish populations, preserve a wonderful part of fishing culture and provide an economic boost to local communities. With an average rainfall multiple inches more than the lower regions, the area makes for some surprisingly good fishing. Some of the more remote areas require off-road vehicles, and you may need to hike a bit to get to reach them. Many of the lakes are stocked and offer trophy-sized Brook Trout. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to get off the cliff, so we decided to head back to Raft Lake and spend the next few days fishing there. But, many of the lakes are accessed from the dirt-packed Boulder Top Road, which runs north/south from Highway 24 and starts about 2.5 miles east of Bicknell. 12 (Escalante/Boulder) in south-central Utah. Wildlife management areas. The mountain rises to the west of Capitol Reef National Park and consists of steep slopes and cliffs with over 50,000 acres of rolling forest and meadow-lands on the top. "l��� ����9����HD�f��+m�x�R�+�ڜ {zc�l ���=�+�t��(��� ��p̶�QZ����+�Kl�[n"C�춬F.�w2�c^�Vӕ0V�Qz���T��S���w��rZ[b�Me�S�����Y�:3��ol��m6y���c�����>q�薟 1Ź�����d����NL�Pã�|�¡�/O��-[J�Ec��N��f�S64L��j3)���\U��xws�?�lf�/�W,~>hX���o���2����ȝ��) ������q7WaZ�ã��cžj.��|� JNt�AV�&$�at�� ��L��h��iEG�hhhP�$�(((hl�5H@"S0-- � Box Death Hollow Wilderness Area is located on the southern edge. 0000016748 00000 n Many of the lakes are stocked and offer trophy-sized Brook Trout. 0000000896 00000 n Get to know us more. Copyright © 2020 This flower is native to the mountain and found nowhere else. �q���(�+A���_�!�Y,o��s�-gt�g��R��$ET] �#���h��(��zK���6 Ł���^7/G�Z�?A���YY#3&��CV`�[+"(�zk&D�qD>gv4"Q �� D5�:�#��a��Sy��VC�i�f���5���t�*a±�V�YA&��yI�)�O'%�˪}��O��%�)0�Bx7#5i��yȈZ+��e��ws��jlr#�����#Y�. Cutthroat and brook trout thrive in these undisturbed clear mountain waters, as do wild cut bows and browns. : Brook trout, Tiger Trout, Rainbow Trout, Colorado River cutthroat, Splake, and Grayling. After a day in Bryce Canyon, we hit up Boulder mountain in search of some big brook trout. Powell Point, on the southwest edge, provides an amazing panoramic view. Species: Brook trout, Tiger Trout, Rainbow Trout, Colorado River cutthroat, Splake, and Grayling. Ice fishing pressure is light or nonexistent, depending on the lake, so you may find great fishing success if you can get there. Of the lakes not accessible by vehicle, virtually all are within three miles of a road. �*QB��f�� 24 (Loa/Torrey) and Hwy. Central Utah This area of southern Utah has a diversity of landscape like no other area in the state - red rock formations and canyons, pristine meadows, alpine forests, as well as lush green valleys. Utah Travel Guided flyfishing trips offer an incredible opportunity for reeling in large wild trout. While many anglers choose to come alone, others select to try the waters with a guide. Send us a message! We drove a truck all the way to the lake and we do not recommend that. For paved road access, take Scenic Byway 12, which runs between Torrey and Boulder, and drive to find some less-out-of-the-way waters. Cutthroat Trout �8E,�;���)t��*���8���d1C��< C�5���7g3��o� �~���?��{gTaK�5�16����>cᤚ�ʩ��9e��mƭ��V��� ރ�՚VC 7G� 2�x��8l�����=�m�z����*��%�� yR\�Vj�������3qûW�ٓ}ٷ�P�Y���V|��y�潤\�7���䠞ݏ�/~�!��HZ��&FɁ7�q\E7�ꌟ~1�E�Y7�bk~��>IR�>�q���]��9��\,�$l�Zu�,[�8��| ��I�B.�J�=��]���}�o~�� ��p��j��w8���AcS�$C�ͺ����;��J��b� Lakes on Boulder Top usually become accessible in early or mid June, depending on the mountain snowpack. 0000011470 00000 n Boulder Mountain is an interesting place. It is the highest timbered plateau in North America and is part of the Dixie National Forest. Although Boulder Mountain is best known for its amazing fishing, the area is also popular for hunting, camping, and OHV riding. Extra1. Many guides run a complete outfit, providing everything from expertise to rods, flies, and even lunch. For Memorial Day weekend this year, we headed up to explore more of southern Utah. 0000003020 00000 n Boulder Mountain is famous for elusive trophy-size trout. It makes for some slow fishing at times, but when you catch one, you know it’ll be nice. With an average rainfall multiple inches more than the lower regions, the area makes for some surprisingly good fishing. Lakes with slow fishing may hold trophies. Content + photos by us unless otherwise credited. შ�@�g����}2U��S���23�Z_l�@�0�QE`rG1+2�����x�А�B`�v�,���&�`�Yp)[$&tR��e��I�M x[�����ϔ#��u%/J=r�YQGH� �Sc�EMȽ��LK1�ln:L��o����@�3\ϰMQ�˞ܟ���I���:8���K�"u�$fl��mm^�eR_���>����&�Z������.X� �kγ�j������i���X�����"Y������u�H�y�+����`3�2X�Hp�qy���?�3���(�I�"C� The best fishing both in quantity and quality is under water. _gԑ��:Z� &5p`aM1�T1�6����H�;�i"[+,F����>>�E�΀��&a6�1k�)����\ ;�L��i�5V�n�gswTIwºn������ϣ�������l��ٰ��]D�N6���dJV|��DN> ���%S+���0^�B07ſ���3 ���Ә�"L�n5�� F�4 24 (Loa/Torrey) and Hwy. Bonus: It’s a stunning drive during the fall. We hope you discover something here that will inspire you to go on an adventure of your own! There are countless roads on the mountain, providing direct vehicle access to many lakes. Walk-in access areas . 0000001649 00000 n 135 0 obj <> endobj xref 135 30 0000000016 00000 n Box Death Hollow Wilderness Area is located on the southern edge. 0000008078 00000 n Jason’s first ever grayling. Location: Boulder Mountain area refers to the area between Hwy. Tyler and I (Cory) caught our biggest brookies ever this weekend – two fat 17″ and 16″ers. Sitting just outside of Capitol Reef National Park, this 11,000-foot peak offers views of the surrounding red canyons and desert-like region. Cutthroat and brook trout are within easy casting distance along the shoreline of the area's small lakes and beaver ponds. The next morning we woke up and fished for a few hours and only caught one decent brookie, so we decided to saddle the llamas up and head towards Blind Lake, Fish Creek Reservoir, and some of the surround lakes. There’s no place quite, Hiking The Figure 8 Loop in Bryce Canyon National Park, Hiking & Fishing Mohawk Lakes Near Breckenridge. Boulder Mountain is famous for elusive trophy-size trout. 0000004152 00000 n those on Boulder Mountain, provide Utah’s 400,000-plus anglers with quality fishing experiences in exquisite settings. Professional guides, knowledgeable about the area, provide valuable perspectives based on their own extensive experiences on these remote lakes and streams. He had picked out a couple lakes to hike into, so we picked up the pack llamas and made the drive. It was cool and breezy again, but there was more moisture in the air. You can follow this road directly to the lake. We spent Memorial Day weekend exploring the diverse landscape of Southern Utah. Hiking to Ptarmigan Lake for Finicky Fish, Summiting Humphreys Peak, Arizona's Tallest Mountain, Backpacking Rocky Mountain National Park for Greenback Cutthroat Trout, In honor of National Park Week, we wanted to share, It’s amazing how many awe-inspiring places like, This winter has been a doozy. Fly Fishing Streams Near St George Utah (Map), : Boulder Mountain area refers to the area. We knew there was a trail that led from Raft Lake to Blind Lake, but we thought we could take a short cut off the trail, but we were wrong… After hiking for a couple hours, we finally came to a 2000 ft cliff. Small streams draining from the mountain into the Escalante (Boulder Creek, Calf Creek, Sand Creek and Pine Creek) offer good fishing in rugged canyons with classic red rock and sheer cliffs. Uinta Mountains; Utah Lake Fishing; Willard Bay Fishing; Willard Bay Fishing Map; Yuba Reservoir Fishing; Yuba Reservoir Fishing Map; Other Waters; Fishing Maps. National park service lands. Best fishing: Flies and jigs in dark colors are usually productive. 8. 0000064433 00000 n People often say their travels around Boulder Mountain remind them of the Uinta Mountains (another great fishing destination) east of Salt Lake City. Drive past the Perry Egan Hatchery and look for signs indicating Forest Road 154. Ever since then I have been wanting to return. High mountain fishing above Utah’s redrock country People often say their travels around Boulder Mountain remind them of the Uinta Mountains (another great fishing destination) east of Salt Lake City. %PDF-1.5 %���� The lakes on Boulder Mountain are managed for trophy fish, so they limit the fish population in each lake to reduce competition for food, which results some large fish. Near me. The Boulder Mountains are unlike any other place I’ve been.


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