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Below you can find the best ways to farm the Dragon Parts and the elusive Star Fragments in the shortest time possible. We recommend using our Breath of the Wild Interactive Map to view all the Korok Seeds. These pages have detailed descriptions, pictures, maps, and a video showing you how to get each Korok Seed. P sure it was meant for the BotW speedrunning community, not r/speedrun. Chapter 8 / Segment 6 - Castle: However, we have also created individual pages to show the Korok Seeds in each of the various regions. For a complete listing of all 76 Side Quests, check out our Breath of the Wild Side Quest Catalogue. Link to shrines: You can view our Korok Seed Locations guide, or jump straight to the individual chapters below. Community document for creating BOTW 100% Route - taken from BOTW Speedrunning Discord - Suggest additions to it! -Removed Water dungeon from route Both of these methods make Link enter ragdoll mode. With an open world unlike any other Zelda game, Breath of the Wild's main story quest can be tracked in Link's Adventure Log - and can be undertaken at any point - or avoided in favor of exploring Shrines and taking on numerous Side Quests. However, many of these quests - like the order you complete dungeons - can be done in any order. Chapter 12 – Captured Memories 13. Below is a listing of the most common shrines that might give you trouble. While Link is standing on the shield, unequip it. Note that the sections are divided up below in terms of the Main Quests that you get while playing. Landing on your shield after a shield jump will damage your shield in most cases. 1. This guide will seek to assist you through the main story adventure in Breath of the Wild, from Link's strange awakening to the final boss fight. Chapter 7 / Segment 5 - Paraglider: Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Chapter 10 – Rito Village 11. When using shield jumping to gain height, or to cross far distances, you can unequip your shield before reaching your destination to put Link back into a regular jumping animation, allowing him to climb up ledges. Last updated 7 Feb 2020. Chapter 8 – Gerudo Town 9. Shield Jumping is an intended game mechanic that enables you to jump further and/or higher than a regular jump would allow. If you have a server you would like to add to the list, contact @trezc0_ via Twitter or a … Close. gymnast86gymnast86, SigmaphiedSigmaphied, ZantZant, WolhaiksongWolhaiksong, harmjan387harmjan387, SlyZoruaSlyZorua, DatGuyChuckDatGuyChuck, TallestThomasTallestThomas, taykagetaykage, By pueope_02pueope_02. There are many ways to to this - the easiest of which is to shield jump onto your shield, as if you were doing a shield surf. Chapter 1 - Basics: Breath of the wild speedrun tutorial. Chapter 2 – Dueling Peaks 3. This is a 100% Breath of the Wild Guide and if you follow all of the pages below, it will cover anything and everything that is to be found within the game. } Listed below is the hub for all downloadable content, which gives details on each aspect, as well as guides for locating all the armor pieces. There are 120 Shrines located throughout the Overworld. "significantLink": "", Enjoy browsing through our detailed sections on all the little aspects from the game. Alternatively, you can take damage from an enemy or a remote bomb while in the air. Chapter 3 / Segment 1 - Stasis: Chapter 9 – Vah Naboris Dungeon 10. Any% tutorial by limcube. Welcome to IGN's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough. 0. Chapter 6 / Segment 4 - Bombs: Our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough is divided into multiple sections. Making a condensed version. For the true completionists out there, you’ll be needing some of the rarest materials in the game to fully upgrade some of the armor sets, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. ... Rodrigo was a massive speedrun liar going back to the Speed Demos Archive days, typically posting videos of only the final portions of his runs as proof. Chapter 4 / Segment 2 - Cryonis: By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This makes landing some shield jumps much easier. Chapter 11 – Vah Medoh Dungeon 12. Below is a list of guides and tips for taking on each level of the Trial of the Sword, an optional quest available as part of The Master Trials DLC pack for Breath of the Wild: Here you will find a list of guides and walkthroughs for each of the quests you can undertake in The Champions' Ballad DLC pack, which boast all new shrines and items to uncover: We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. This is a list of the ZSR communities Discord Servers for help and general talk. Each shrine guide page has a description of its location, an interactive map, a text walkthrough, and a video walkthrough. Videos are still in the process of being added. Link to guide: For a complete listing of all 120 shrines, check out our Breath of the Wild Shrines Guide. Chapter 5 – Vah Ruta Dungeon 6. Use this Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide to help you get back on track if you happen to lose your place in the quests. Changelog: ]. This guide covers the entirety of the Expansion Pass, as well as the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest, released as a free update in November of 2017. To perform this technique, use a … Chapter 3 – Hateno Village 4. Moderated by: "keywords": "breath of the wild, breath of the wild walkthrough, breath of the wild map, breath of the wild interactive map, breath of the wild korok seeds, shrine locations, breath of the wild side quests, botw map, botw guide, botw walkthrough, breath of the wild armor" In addition to the below content, we also have our Breath of the Wild Interactive Map. Welcome to our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough. Link to guide: Chapter 10 / Segment 8 - Ganon: Chapter 2 - Advanced Basics: Chapter 1 - Basics: Chapter 2 - Advanced Basics: Chapter 3 / Segment 1 - Stasis: Chapter 4 / Segment 2 - Cryonis: Chapter 5 / Segment 3 - Magnesis: Chapter 6 / Segment 4 - Bombs: Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series. Almost all of the Main Quests are technically optional in one way or another, and some will provide more benefits than others on the road to defeating Ganon.


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