bobcat killed my cat
Stayed close and hung out with our neighbor's cat. He would ask to go out about 3 times a day and would come back in after about an hour. The owner was renting it out to tenents. We use technology to collect information that helps us enhance your experience and our products and services. Please don't take the redneck advice of shooting at it. “She said she saw it around 7:20, so I get up every morning and sneak out to see if I see it, but I haven’t,” she said. The meeting is open to the public. I did examine her. I think it was them. We were just really upset our young cat died. “We’re not looking to harm them,” she said. Avoid bushy areas or paths near abandoned properties. All her entrails were intact no wounds, just very small amount of blood around her anus. It’s unclear, she said, whether locals have been seeing one bobcat or many, but either way, people can protect their pets from the nocturnal hunters by keeping them inside, especially at night. IMO if you see a cat attacking your chickens or near a dead chicken that’s fair game, have to protect your stock.i just had a silkie get shredded by what I think is a cat or raccoon I plan on setting 4 live traps near the cage and try to catch what did it. What should I do??? South Daytona Avenue resident Linda Roy said that a gray trap-neuter-release cat she’d been watching over for about 10 years vanished about two weeks ago. She had just bought a new truck, she told WYFF, and was fixing a bumper sticker to the back window of the new ride: “women who behave rarely make history.”. I assume that immediately after breaking out, she entered into a struggle with the animal. “As soon as it took the first step, I was in trouble and I knew it,” she explained to CBS 46. It befriend all the cats and dogs and even ate out of the food bowl with them. "He was coming here to finish off the remains of what he killed the night before -- and we got him," Duke said. She was stretched out and from the rectum to the back feet were flat as if it were pressed, there were no broken bones or missing limbs and her head had no marks it looks like she was gutted. Entrails stretch straight out for 10 ft long. So she continued to squeeze the life out of the animal. I fear something got her. Local and national elections & political news, delivered to your inbox. I have no idea if what I saw was a house cat because if it was it was about 3 times as large as a normal house cat, it was very large, unnaturally large for a house cat. Now the only good part about all this, is there is alot of stray cays in my area feral and not. He never went far. Her son arrived before police with a handgun but Phillips felt she was too close to the bobcat to shoot it. This will stick with me. The Observer Media Group Inc. respects your privacy and values the relationship we have with you. Then here this morning I came home from work and found a younger cat dead in my driveway with the same symptoms. The cat jumped, it’s claws raging for her face. We live in a rural area and I found her dead in our backyard. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy living in this area is because of all the wild animals. Maybe you could check with local law enforcement and see if they know of someone you can ask. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Personally I wouldn't shoot my neighbor's cat. If it is a cat, I would try and trap it and bring it to a shelter. Don't go up (and) try to pet (it). Basically, anywhere we didn't want the animal. Then she saw the cat prowling near her car. It might have been another animal. But bobcat sightings aren't unusual for this area, officials said. I am not only brokenhearted but perplexed as to how he died. ", "He was coming here to finish off the remains of what he killed the night before -- and we got him," Duke said. Then we need help in trying to decide what to do.Cat was large 8 month old male, NEUTERED, house cat. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have my cats survive that type of attack. For medical advice about your cat, please see your veterinarian. It will sting like all get out but will not kill the animal. Raccoons will also remove the head and disembowel them. My experience with cats is that a full grown chicken is a challenge for them. the 2 other cats are in the same neighbourhood. Anyways i was walking home from the supermarket i live in an urban enviroment. In the morning I couldn't find one of my sweet female cats. How do you think about the answers? Residents said earlier in the day they were worried for their pets' safety after the bobcat killed the domesticated cats. I am devastated. :(. He never went farther than the next door neighbor's homes on either side of us. If you have a game cam you might be able to catch the pred on film - which is the best evidence. She noticed a neighbor’s dog barking. ... I’ve been here 20 years, and this is the first time we’ve had one going around grabbing domestic animals.”. It is such a horrible thing to go through. We feed him i played and hung out with him. Don't think it was coyote or bobcat. Younger birds are easy prey. It woke me from my sleep and I didn't really recognize what was going on. “I thought, ‘Not today,'” she told OnlineAthens. “I told her not to walk in the alleyway,” he said. Will my frizzle barred Roo x with Rhode Island White create a sex link? Sounded like the cat way killed fast because the way the scream sounded. Kim Lane, of South Central Avenue, also had a cat disappear. Hope that helped and be sure to keep your pets inside or be with them at all time when they are outside. 3 Years ago my nearest neighbor saw a bobcat on the dirt road to his house (first he had ever seen in 58 years of living here). I've never had problems with cats going after my flock- they're just too big. People just let their animals kind of roam wild around here, Dogs, cats, even peacocks and chickens. A 50-pound bobcat that had become a thorn to the side of some El Dorado Hills residents has been captured and put down, officials said Monday. "(Bobcats are) around, but they usually don’t go after people’s house cats off their back porch.". Cats are so agile, its hard to believe she got hung up on that sheet metal/tin and it was a terrible accident, or did a human do this. Seriously every block you will find a stray cat roamin around. A house cat would fit into their category of prey.”. sentrycontrol 9-Jul-2012 5:03:32: I am find information on this topic as I am working on a business project. I have a similar story. I felt temporarily that justice had been served but Now I'm not so sure. Then there was cyber bulling that was hateful after that, and before the cat/kitten went missing. There was no blood anywhere. Well this morning she was not on the deck waiting for her morning meal, she has always been on the deck every morning, not this morning. I would get a game camera so you can know for sure what is killing your roosters. She found us 13 and a half years ago. That cat, she said, was taken to the veterinarian and survived. That intel on the wildcat’s attack plan may have been what saved Phillips’s life. It happened late at night, early morning... there was no blood on her fur or on the ground.Editor's note: I'm very sorry for your loss, Carl. "In El Dorado Hills, I'd say that’s pretty common," said Janice Mackey, a spokeswoman with the Natural Resources Agency's Department of Fish and Wildlife. I don't know if it was an animal or possibly poison. Copyright © 2020 Observer Media Group, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Fourth and current attempt, was to fill a shotgun with spray pellets. I don't know what to do. Cats prey on many wildlife species, i.e. He was not decomposed. “They usually kill rabbits, young deer. Now I just hot home from work, got out of my truck, Walked around the side of my house to the back and knew I saw movement at the now vacant chicken coop in the pitch blackness, not to brag but I have 20-10 vision and am a hunter, so i can pick out the littlest things of movement in the shadows. Could it be a bobcat? In NY, it is legal to kill any predators that you catch in the act of harming or attempting to harm your livestock. We do have coyotes in the area but due to Gus's speed and ability to climb I think he may have been attacked by a Bobcat. The other cat was left fine but we removed her from upstairs. She won — killing the cat with her hands. Phillips worried shouts and screams might bring the child outside, and give the bobcat a new target. Why on earth was your cat outside in the first place if you KNEW there were bobcats killing cats in your neighbourhood? What could have done this? How come Trump never had a pet in the White House, does he have something against dogs, cats, etc...,? Review our. Her beautiful black coat was nice and shiny and gently moving with the breeze.


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