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If you get in trouble in class for messing with a classmate or a teacher, your classmate may snitch on you and your teacher will, in most cases, let the principal or headmaster know about your belligerent behavior toward them. You can easily access this by tapping on the Faculty sub-menu after tapping on School and the name of your school. This update is all themed around school life, which is apt timing given that many of us have actually just returned to one of the world’s worst institutions. For example, joining the Loners would require that you be very unpopular, while becoming one of the Jocks would require two things – you need to be part of an athletic team, but you also should NOT have perfect or near-perfect grades in order to enter. Just make sure you don’t let your Grades slip or encounter any mishaps that may affect your Health, as both (especially the former) could easily get you booted off the team! Most of the time, using these three interactions could improve your grades, which could be very important if you’re trying to keep them high in order to make an athletic team or ensure that you don’t get kicked out of it. And Still You Still Find It to Join These Groups Then You Can Watch The Full Bitlife School Update Video Guide and … The New York Orges are .. Yes indeed, you can now get expelled from school in this new BitLife update, though you will automatically be reenrolled in a new school. Again, that might involve joining a related group or participating in a particular activity, or it might involve increasing certain statistics including, and probably most importantly, your looks. Yes, it’s that time again – time to go back to Candywriter’s uber-popular life simulator game for iOS and Android gamers and take a look at yet another BitLife update. Your student Bitizens will be evaluated based on two things for as long as they’re studying – Grades and Popularity – and it’s your duty to keep these two at a high level. The best of the best percy jackson fandom focus. From those who want to live a mundane life to those – like yourself, possibly – that want to end innocent virtual lives. In any case BitLife – Life Simulator is a game for all types. Cheating is also covered in great lengths in the new update, as there are some random events where a classmate may ask you to share your answers in a test, or you may stumble upon a crib sheet that could give you easy answers and help you improve your grades. If it’s something else you’re looking for, you can check out our other BitLife guides: BitLife Ribbons Guide: How to Get All 27 Ribbons; BitLife Money Guide: How to Make Money in BitLife; BitLife Lottery Guide: How to Win the Lottery in BitLife; BitLife Jobs Guide: All of the Best Paying Jobs and How to Get Them If you have passions and want to develop your abilities, you can participate in sports, join a band, and many more. It all depends on the clique. And since the last update focused on work-related tweaks despite its ostensible “back to school” theme, we’re not surprised – and we’re actually quite pleased – that version 1.23 is all about campus life. That too applies for random events – say, if you were caught with a crib sheet, caught attacking a school bully, or reported by concerned citizens for playing hooky. Extracurricular activities work the same in BitLife as they do in real life. As another miscellaneous addition, the game now allows you to view the global leaderboards, where you can see the day’s top players in terms of Bitizen age, net worth, children, and lovers. If you get a wrong answer, you don’t get accepted and can try your luck again with the other frats/sororities, But then again, Google can be your best friend in situations like this, so you may want to answer these questions while in front of a laptop or desktop PC – or simply toggle windows and use your phone’s browser to Google the correct answer. Once your Bitizens reach the age of 5 or so (it may vary depending on their country of origin), they will be able to start going to school. A failed seduction attempt, on the other hand, could land you in the dean’s office and get you suspended – or even expelled! If you get a wrong answer, you don’t get accepted and can try your luck again with the other frats/sororities, But then again, Google can be your best friend in situations like this, so you may want to answer these questions while in front of a laptop or desktop PC – or simply toggle windows and use your phone’s browser to Google the correct answer. When joining a Clique, you can either ask the leader for permission to join, immediately invite yourself and start hanging out with the group, try flattering their leader with a compliment, or, if you w ant trouble, insult their leader. Which of these Greek gods was the god of wind? As you can probably tell at this point, the update includes a whole lot of new content to dig into. To be the President in BitLife, you are first going to need to get Bitizenship. (One important note – Candywriter has yet to introduce sports careers, so don’t expect to be drafted by the NBA, NFL, or MLB after excelling as a Team Captain – you’ll still need to get a “real” job!). BitLife: Life Simulator, also called BitLife for short, is digital-based, single player cartoon video game for Android / iOS released in 2018 by CandyWriter LLC. (Or choose not to, if you’re chasing a ribbon with a negative connotation or simply want to play around.) Just like in real life, then. While it may seem at first that there isn’t any tangible benefit to being a frat or sorority member aside from a small boost in Popularity, you’ll later discover when your Bitizen is looking for work that some employers will hire you on the spot if they find out you came from the same brotherhood or sisterhood in college. This doesn’t seem to always be the case, especially if your Popularity is rather low, but messing with teacher is often a good way to get some positive attention from your classmates. Although there are several fraternities/sororities you can choose from once enrolled in university, the requirements for joining appear to be very similar – you need to be reasonably popular in order to be initiated, so to say. You will then need to run for office, which can be done from the School/Job window! (If your Bitizen excels both in terms of brains and brawn, they’d be better off joining the Talented Kids clique.) A Bitizen with well below-average Looks or Smarts, for instance, may start school with their Popularity at orange, but start out with the bar close to full if they’re blessed with both stats in abundance. Regardless whether you’re in your first year of elementary school or your final year in graduate school, Grades and Popularity matter, so take care of these two stats if you’re trying to make your Bitizens live their best life! Related: BitLife Guide (Version 1.20 Update): Military Service, Birth Control and Pregnancies, Dating Foreigners, Emigration, Time Machine Explained. ), BitLife Back to School Update Guide (Version 1.22): Intelligence Test Mini-Game, Retirement Plans, Career Collecting, Work Hours and Stress Levels Explained, BitLife Prison Update Guide (Version 1.21): Prison Jobs, Prison Riot Mini-Game, Bribing Guards, Joining Gangs Explained, BitLife Guide (Version 1.20 Update): Military Service, Birth Control and Pregnancies, Dating Foreigners, Emigration, Time Machine Explained. Both Grades and Popularity could go up or down organically based on all four core stats, so it’s essential that you keep your characters happy and healthy, while also behaving well and using the Study Harder option when needed, in order to fill those bars up. How To Answer What Are You Looking For In A Sorority Sorority . You can either Apologize or Argue with mom or dad in this case, with the former affecting your Happiness drastically but keeping your relationship with your parents healthy…or healthier. You can now interact with your classmates and teachers, participate in extra curricular activities like joining a sport team or a band, join a clique, getting involved in frats and sororities, and go to grade school. Worse, students may choose to fight back and attack you if they’re especially insulted by your taunting or pranking! It’s clear that Candywriter tried to pack as many new elements as possible to make school life for your Bitizens as realistic as possible, and they’ve delivered and then some. A successful seduction attempt will give your grades a boost, but we’ve noticed that it’s rather difficult to pull this off – typically, your sexual orientation will have to be compatible, and the educator you’re seducing will need to have low Strictness (ideally a full bar of green for super-lenient professors) and be single or divorced, with your Relationship also being ideally in good shape at that point. The best answer. The hazing, however, does not involve any paddles to the behind or require you to eat weird stuff or play crazy drinking games – in here, it’s as simple as asking you a multiple-choice question about Greek mythology. The first thing you’ll notice among the options once you hit the sixth or seventh grade is the option to take up an extracurricular activity. But don’t despair – we’re here to lift the veil for you and give you direct instructions on how to get into each school. (We’ve also seen a 148-year-old Bitizen, another with 321 kids, and a third one with 1,822 lovers.) You can join the Art Club, Environmental Club, Photography Club, or even the Skateboarding Club – most of these clubs do not require you to get super-high grades, although in some cases, such as the Glee Club, or (naturally) the Academic Decathlon Club, you’ll need to have your grades at a certain level in order to be accepted. Once you’re speaking to your school’s head, you will have the choice to Insult them, Argue with them, or Apologize for your actions. Cross Country) will require less Athleticism than other sports (e.g. 10 Best Sororit BitLife – Life Simulator: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats, BitLife – Life Simulator: How to get all of the Ribbons, BitLife – Life Simulator: How To Escape From Jail, BitLife – Life Simulator: How To Win The Lottery, BitLife – Life Simulator: How To Become CEO, BitLife – Life Simulator: How to Live Past 100, BitLife – Life Simulator: How to Fornicate and Get the Lustful Ribbon, BitLife – Life Simulator: How to Get the Fertile Ribbon. And let’s not forget the age-old dilemma of whether to ditch school and watch a movie/play video games/shoot some hoops/etc.…or stay in class and sit through another boring Math, Science, or Literature lecture. Insulting or Messing with classmates automatically zeroes out your Relationship bar with the classmate in question, and that too takes its toll on your overall Popularity as you keep picking on your peers. That should help you make friends with like-minded folk during one of the most difficult periods of your BitLife. We Bitizens! If you’re looking for something else, check out our complete guide to BitLife. My word, you've got a eye for the macabre by clicking on this Guide my friend. You can still choose to Drop Out from school at any point in your academic life, though once again, you can expect resistance from your parents 90 percent of the time.


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