barnes lrx vs accubond
I've gotten a chance to try a factory box of LRX in 270 Win and out of my Savage they are accurate. I have always shot Hornady SSTs and Interlock and love them on deer. IME barnes 25 6.5 , 7mm & 308 bullet hole size in , golf ball sized exit. In .243, either the 80 grain TTSX or the 85 grain TSX is fine by me, the best thing that ever happened to the .243. I'm not worried about the under 100 yard shot hitting heavy bone on the way. 270 - 140 AB, though I'd be interested in running a 110 Barnes knowing how fast you can run those wicked little blue tipped. I really appreciate all the responses. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. I assumed he was asking the question for deer sized game. I want to try and stay around the 200gr weight due to the better BCs and I have a feeling if I shoot 165 or even 180s I will burn the barrel out faster. Have you had issues with the Nosler AB exiting animals? Thanks again. What kind of expansion I'm I going to see on something like that? Either option would work fine for killing. The 3 deer shot with them fragmented every time. I can't find them anywhere. I can't give a good reason for it. Actually, I've yet to shoot a deer with the 80gr TTSX. BriBri, Last year, I tried out some 130 gr. I'm wondering about the 300 + yard shot going between two ribs. Having faith that Hornady does their homework before releasing bullets for specific purposes, I would rank them - without adding any other bullet choices to the mix: Don't skip over Berger. 140gr AB, 110gr TTSX, 130gr TTSX. I have had nothing but good luck with TTSX in all the calibers I have ever tried them in... My .280AI dumped a mulie in WY this year at 615 and went through double lung and was bleeding excellent, not knowing 100% how much damage the first shot had done, and he was just standing there. Barnes, easy extra benefit lots less blood shot meat too IME. In 243, I use the 80gr TTSX. Just wondering. It has only one weakness: Since copper has less mass than lead, LRX bullets are inherently lighter than a lead-cored bullet of the same size, resulting in somewhat lower BCs. Seems like the barnes would be better in that department. The Barnes LRX is a homogeneous bullet, meaning it's made out of one solid material, which happens to be copper. Those results are what started me working up loads with my 243. First, I am a believer in complete pass throughs if possible and controlled expansion bullets. In the area of Texas I hunt in a blood trail is a necessity. I haven't tried them yet but I've had good success with the Nosler Accubonds. I shot a hog with the 223 53gr TSX and was quite impressed. I chose the 130gr Accubond based on his options. "I used to have Bass rolling like thunder.........can't do dat no mo'.". Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. In the 270 he asked about 130gr bullets only. Barnes LRX. Nosler E-Tips in my .270 WSM. Most of the time no. I personally cant tell much difference between accubonds and BT's. I am curious what most people who use mono bullets get for exit hole size. I have started playing with the .224 & .243 calibers and shooting some of the Barnes bullets! southtexas, that's what they say....really seems like it with the heavy ones, but more frontal area than a Partition from the one's I have seen recovered. No question of exits and great expansion while dropping down a few bullet weights and picking up speed. Assuming you have experience with them can you enlighten me on the under a 100 yards if you have used them? They will be in my magazine on our next hunt. So I just got a 300 Ultra in Remington 700 SPS 26" barrel (stock has been replaced to Bell and Carlson) and is top with a Vortex PST 4-16X50 MRAD. Had he asked about the 110gr TTSX, that would have been my choice. I can't speak to the TTSX but the Accubond is a great bullet. All shots were taken behind the shoulder. Both Hornady and accubonds are cheaper than the Barnes but I want everyone's preference and opinion because I have not used Barnes or Nosler so I don't know performance to expect. I have shot Nosler Partitions, Nosler Accubonds, Nosler Balistic Tips, Swift A Frames, Swift Sciroccos, Speer Soft Points, Sierra Hollow Points, Sierra Game Kings, Hornady Spire Points, Hornady Interlocks, Hornady A Maxs, Hornady Solids, and Barnes X bullets in the TX and TTX. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I don't have any pics-sorry! On each deer, I found fragments in the neck. They shoot really well in my 223AI (62 TTSX) I suppose the mono metals can really help in these smaller calibers, IF one is shooting thru shoulders. I dropped two last season with them and they never flinched after the shot. Still getting into the cavity but completely tears that shoulder up beyond belief... this is what a regular accubond does on the way out on the backside of a whitetail at 702 yards. That wouldn't be a bad thing either. I have been debating on trying my luck with Barnes and see if they could take place as my go to round for deer sized animals. I think you'll be surprised at the fun factor. I was extremely happy with them in all except the 25-06. They seem to shoot well if not all too well. All shot sub-moa targets. I really like the 80gr TTSX. You have not listed a bad choice. Always had good accuracy and good on game performance. Well if no graphic pics how about just a description (best you can remember) of the damage, range, Impact velocity ? And my friend swears by the devastation and accuracy of the Barnes 180 gr TSX and rightly so. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. I've seen him drop a bull elk at 298 yards right where he stood and also a fairly decent sized bull moose at about 125 yards DRT. The others ran from 30 to 75 yards in fairly heavy brush with little to no blood trail. I've shot deer with the 260 rem 100gr TTSX & 120gr TSX, 7-08 120gr TSX and 308 win 130gr TTSX 150gr TTSX 168gr TTSX. I have no doubts about the performance after what I've seen the 53 in 223 do. Accubonds, as well as Barnes TSXes, but never been really happy with the accuracy. Once I got my hands on some 80gr TTSX's and found the load, I really liked the accuracy/combo. I've always liked the idea of having two holes in an animal rather than just a entrance. I'm just worried about the Berger if an elk pop up at like 50 yards. The 130 TTSX in the 270 is a deer killer for sure. The problem I have had with them is that on the 8 whitetail and 4 axis I've shot with them, exit wounds have been sub-1/2" in size. They are my favorite bullets. Nosler Accubond LR Hornady ELD-X Barnes LRX But honestly, the proper process is to throw a bunch of loads together and see which your rifle likes best. The powder I will be working loads up with first will be Reloader 25, Norma brass , CCI Magnum Rifle primers. Thanks guys I'm just waiting on the Vortex to come in the mail so I can make a range trip to test some loads out. Are the 90gr AB's available for the 243 yet? I see, I just got a 243 and going to hunt with the TTSX this year.I posted asking about the performance of it on deer.Wouldn,t happen to have some pics of the results you have had using it on deer have you ? I'd chose the 130gr Accubond if using a 270. Much prefer the AB's to Barnes....and I almost always get two holes. The furthest I was able to shoot them was 300 yards and had some impressive groups. The bullet was a 140TTSX running 3280 and opened up 85-90 percent and held 139.6grs of weight after I got it cleaned up and back to the bench scale.... LOVE my barnes!!! It's always fun to try new bullets and loads, I've had good results with Accubonds and TTSX's ,but I just could not get the Etips to group at all in a proven rifle, for the most part Barnes TTSX's and Nosler Accubonds were very easy to work up accurate loads for, I would be looking at the 129 gr LRX and more likely an entrance and exit hole!


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