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This reduces the negative effects of the focusing illusion. In response to the cosplay on the super-carrier,  Veteran John MacFarland posted on Facebook: “I realise Trump rates a salute as Commander in Chief and he can wear a command cap if he’s comfortable doing so, but that doesn’t mean we sailors and other vets have to approve of it. Just think about how many  times you worry about a worst case scenario that rarely, if ever, happens. Apparently it is better to lie your way out of service than to be in it and get shot down while going your duty. But, when you do this, you are combatting your natural negativity bias, and not feeding your fears and worries. Fires raging in California, destroying homes and killing people, A highway pileup in the Midwest caused by extreme winter conditions. Limiting your exposure to news can help you return to a time in our society when we drew our conclusions about the world around us from our immediate experiences (not a compilation of the worst of life). Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting you live in a fantasy world of positivity. Daily Kos moves in solidarity with the Black community. 1969 Land Rover Series 2a Safari, Bayfield team finalists in YES competition, Organisers couldn’t have done more: witness, Selfless surf rescue results in medal award for bravery, 'I lost the plot': Mum assaults 12yo daughter over 'sexual marks', Driver sought after cyclist hit on roundabout. Yes, it is good to limit your exposure to all the bad news out there, and to focus on what’s good. Because of the nature of news, I believe it is wise to limit how much news you are exposed to. There was a time in my life when I was a news junkie. This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. In this case, their perceptions did align with reality about the general improvement in living conditions. We cannot say we are not informed. Yet, the average person’s opinion of the state of the world is much more pessimistic and worried. The Nature of “News” and the State of the World. You must do this intentionally. Our perceptions about risk are impacted less by statistics and the truth, and more by images and stories. We have a great ‘Make America great again’ hat but I said, ‘This is a special day, we’re wearing this, right?’”. “News is about what happens, not what doesn’t happen. As Pinker reports, this is the nature of “newsworthy” news. – C.S. When he arrived at the super-carrier USS Gerald Ford to dedicate it, he was handed a jacket and a hat and told they were for him to take home. It takes effort and practice. Illusion My heart is pounding like a drummer The thought of life always makes me wonder He previously said that John McCain was not a hero because he had been captured in Vietnam. "As we predicted, physical appearance serves as a channel through which personality is manifested," say the authors. Learn the story about the evil genius behind this website. What are some examples of this idea … There is a phenomenon going on that you must understand and address in your life if you are going to experience a better, more hopeful life (that is rooted in reality). Success! How things actually turn out in the future (reality) is rarely is bad as we fear (perceived reality). The famous scientist might have added that the illusion of reality shifts over time. But, reality is often very different (and better) than our perceptions of reality. When a veteran handed him his Purple Heart at a rally, a medal obviously won because of a service related injury, Donald Trump thanked him and included in his spontaneous remark that he always wanted one of those. Appearance vs reality. He got his photo-op worthy of framing, and perhaps a nice donation love-gift. In his speech, he talked about the military beginning to win again, which was rather insulting as he implied that the military are not doing what they should be doing. I know many people who consume a steady diet of news… and are more fearful, anxious (even paranoid) people because of it. His tough guy reality is that over a nice dinner with his son-in-law he decided to go ahead with an incomplete plan to go after an Al Qaeda strong hold, got a Navy Seal Killed, not to mention all the civilians, and then pointed out his widow in the gallery during his State of the Union Speech and tried to look so supportive of the military. He considered that his actual military experience, going to military school, was better training than boot camp and real experience, and that he knew more about war than the generals. No wonder people conclude the world is a much more dangerous place than it used to be. When you combine that with a healthy, hopeful human ecosystem around you, your more encouraging perceptions are reinforced and your natural negativity bias is kept in check. What’s going on here? The “newsworthy” problem has also been made much worse by our interconnected world. How to make better decisions with fewer regrets. Don't worry... it comes with a no-risk, money back guarantee! Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.


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