aesthetic boy names
It’s a delicate name for a pretty girl. Santiago is also a place. Simply the Spanish version of Rachel, different spelling and pronunciation adds a flair to the name. It is the most popular name in Netherlands and among the top ten in Belgium. Like many of these names, Zared sounds similar to a common name, Jared. I prefer uncommon names or evocative names that carry a positive connotation or evoke a positive feeling. The name may be unknown in the English-speaking world, so it will make a unique name for your kid. The name is best known as the name of an ancient Greek philosopher and author. Made it up (as far as I know)...A mish/mash of Magnolia/ Magnus/ Magna/ Agnetha/ Agnes/Thia/ Thais/ Gardeniaia. It means white-breasted in Welsh. It means “Virtuous and good.”. It will inspire hope and idealism in your child. Zeke, Zed, and Kiah are all good options. The name Lazar is a version of the name Eleazar, which means ‘God helps’. Too fluffy as a first name for my tastes...but gorgeous as a middle with a unisex first name i.e. When people hear Adele, they think of the famous, popular, and talented English singer. Baby Names 2019 Top 10 Girl Name And Boy Name … Magical - a guilty pleasure name...a spring pagan/ pre-Christian Celtic festival... Has a sweet & charming ring to it....looks pretty too. Beatrice is a French name that means “bringer of joy.” It’s classic and unique, with lots of nickname potential! Lachlan is a Scottish name meaning “from the land of the lakes.” It’s one of those names that’s uncommon, but easy to pronounce and beautiful to say. It's chic, charming & hip. Would make a nice middle (word) name for a girl. Dmitry is a variation of the name Demetrius. It’s the name of a songwriter, a TV director, and the main character on a TV show. This is a Welsh name, but apparently its meaning is unknown! This is a Greek name meaning “praise.”. A regal name. Made popular by the movie “Frozen,” the “ah” sound in Ana is a beautiful variation on the more common name, Anna or Anne. Odin has several meanings. It means “cub,” this Irish name could fit any gender! An Italian name used to describe slow music, Adagio is a romantic sounding name that everyone will love. This is a Hebrew name meaning “enlarged.” We like it because of its unique sound! The name is simple yet exotic, an amazing combination. It means “from the loud river hill” and sounds beautiful. These cookies do not store any personal information. A name of English origin meaning “noble, of good character,” this is a perfect name for any person of integrity. This Old English name means “town of the new law.” Lexington is also the name of two cities in the U.S., one in Massachusetts and one in Kentucky. The word “aesthetic” means pleasing in appearance, beautiful, or artistic. A beautiful name mentioned in Arthurian Romances. We spent hours looking through boy names to find the most aesthetically pleasing names for boys. A whimiscal name found on a name list from the 1800s, A pretty mediaeval name...meaning gift of the Fairies, This would make an enchanting, whimsical middle name for a girl :). Please read our Disclaimer. Brad or Shaw are possible nicknames. © 2020 It’s an English name meaning “son of Alexander.” We won’t lie: this name reminds us of a beautiful, white-sanded beach! However, some also believe it means dark. A Greek name that means “dweller on the mountain,” Orion is also one of the most famous constellations in the night sky, named for the legendary Greek hunter. I like this precious gemstone word name as a middle name i.e. Has a hippy-beachy vibe. I find it very appealing. This name is pretty as a first or a middle name i.e. The exotic baby boy names get more unique. Here’s an interesting one: This name combines the German translation of Elizabeth (Liesel) and the diminutive of Charlotte, (Lotte). Made famous by the actor but not a well-known name. Well, if you want your child to stand out from the sea of humanity, you can gift him a unique and exotic name. A strong & timeless Biblical name. Then you can consider Zane, a Hebrew version of John. It sounds very fresh & feminine. Stunning! Evokes images of breathtaking snow-capped mountains & tall trees. A fierce name that reminds us of the word “dragon.” Can’t get any better than that! You need to pronounce it as Mat-Tees. It means bear... A golden/ seasonal word name. This name is Aboriginal in origin. The name means ‘Gift of God’. A Native American name, Kilenya is a gorgeous and unique name perfect for any girl. Thijs: The pronunciation of this name is way simpler than its spelling suggests. The name is very popular among Hispanic and Argentinean parents. Santiago is a Spanish name meaning “Saint James”. The latin version of the ancient Syrian warrior queen Zenobia. This name simply means “person from Quincy, France.” We think it’s a cute and pretty name. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It is Scandinavian in origin. Usually a surname, Jensen can also be used as a boy’s first name. Even more reminscent of the herb angelica. It is a Greek name meaning ‘strong and manly’. Kacela is simply a more elaborated form of the name Kelsey. Aesthetic Boy Names. In the middle ages, laudes was the term for morning prayer time. 12. This American name means “from the earth.” It’s appropriate for any gender. This Hebrew name means “God is salvation.”. A Greek name, Xylander means “forest man.” Nicknames could include Xy (pronounced “Zy”), Xylan, or Lander. This name means “from the flax hill” and can also be spelled Linden if desired. A Slavik name, Idania means “hardworking.” We think it’s a sweet name and a great character trait to have. 13. You can also choose Alfie as an ultra-trendy nickname for your child. With only one syllable, it’s easy to remember. - Created by OceanSunrise. It means “highly praised, commendable,” and it’s perfect for any boy. To rate lists on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. It’s a truly delightful sounding name. Also featured in archaic Welsh tales. Two word names that sound great together. Are you looking for Aesthetic Names for girls, boys, or unisex/gender-neutral aesthetic names? You can also use it as a short form for names ending in –enzo like Vincenzo and Lorenzo. A fun nickname potential could be "Cat". The gentle-sounding Ahmed is an Arabic name. Killian is an Irish name meaning ‘church’. Seymour is an uncommon name from the French language meaning “from the village of St. Maur.” We love the unique way it’s spelled and think it looks great written down! It is a cool and exotic Greek name. This variant of Hazel means “the hazel tree” and is a name of English origin. This name is the Polish form of the word for Camellia. A modern alternative to Scarlett, Violet, Rose, Lavender etc. Great name for summer or beach lovers. I really love this would make an alluring first name. It combines the names, Rae and Wynn. It is also the name of several Irish saints. This is a big name, but it has an ancient legacy. What Causes Bad Breath In Kids And What To Do About It? Alfie is the 11th most popular boy’s name in the United Kingdom. A charming & sassy word name with bird/ nature associations. This is an Indian name which means “new.” We think it’s a great aesthetic name for this list! A strong medieval name (note - Latin version of the Anglo-Saxon/ Old English "Godgifu" or "Godgyfu" original). Derived from Scandinavian folklore / archaic viking literature. Her name means "Sovereign Queen". These beautiful flowers come in a variety of flowers and grow in many places all over the world. This Irish name means “curly-haired,” but it can be used for people with any hair type! Lithany means “ceremonial prayer.” It’s an American name that combines the word “litany” with the name Bethany. Xylona is a Greek name that means “from the forest.”. An ancient Roman librarian/ scribe. A guilty pleasure name...another name of Igraine - King Arthur's mysticaland mantic half-sister.... A name for a parent with a poetic/ artistic soul. This is a male form of the Greek name Octavia. Artemis is the name for a Greek god and can mean “safe.” It’s unique and easy to pronounce. Hans is a diminutive of the names Johannes. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Especially in the following combinations: Wynter Hazel & Wynter Rose. This name, of English origin, means “from the broad field, forest”. Jocelyn means “little Goth.” We just think it’s beautiful looking and aesthetic sounding. This name means “from the Woad hill”. An uncommon name with Cornish etymology. Love the name, but wish it wasn't a cruel Harry Potter character...otherwise, this would be a grand contender for my baby's name if she is a girl. Ammiras is a classic name with a modern appeal. A variant of Charlotte. Possible nicknames include Lex or Lexie. The name Jett comes from a black semi-precious stone Jade. A semi-precious gem stone. Even though the name Rocco means rest, it does not sound sleepy at all. Marlow is an English name meaning “lake remains.” We think it sounds sophisticated! The double consonant beginning of this name makes it even more intriguing.


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