a gathering of old men analysis
Already a member? Luke Will, however, is just a troublemaker not worthy of admiration. Facing up to it was filled with odds. A group of old, black men takes a courageous step by coming forward en masse to take responsibility for the killing of a white racist, whom one of their members has shot. The 12 jurors all have particular backgrounds, perspective and beliefs about honesty and the boy’s role in the murder. What is the conflict in A Gathering of Old Men? Candy thinks that Mathu, the strongest of all the black men is the likely killer but she loves him as he is like a foster father to her. Gaines had a way of hiding inferences in seemingly innocent statements. Overall, Miss Merle is a nice generous female character who seems slightly sad. Tractors are a symbol of change in the agricultural environment of the South. Local whites once poisoned their niece. The men hold to their charade, braving the abuse of Sheriff Mapes and frustrating all of his attempts to intimidate them. Blacks and whites get the same quantum of punishment, something unthinkable till some years ago. Both novels concern the murder of the son of a powerful but distinctly unaristocratic white family; both focus on the presumed guilt of an aging and somewhat aloof black man (Gaines’s Mathu and Faulkner’s Lucas Beauchamp) who has earned the grudging respect of his community by refusing to surrender his dignity to a repressive social system and who says very little in his own defense; both generate a vision of salvation based on interracial cooperation. Snookum is curious, disobedient, and questioning. I want you to go tell Rufe and Reverend Jameson, and Corrine and the rest of them to gather at Mathu’s house right away. Though Zulfi is an employer of some Rickshaw owner yet he too is facing trouble economically. The Cajun farmer who leases the Marshall Plantation and who is killed right before the action begins. One of the narrators of the novel. Candy organizes the events in the novel after she learns of the murder of Beau Bauton. His narration reveals him to be a generally weak figure who wants to back out of the lynching since the blacks have started to fight back. It is delivered through the perspectives of many different characters. She does not bother to give him any details but she gives none to the old men also. The one black character who refuses to go along with Candy's plan. On the contrary, it is Mathu who has the courage and the spirit to raise a gun on a Cajun. Bea Marshall also is an old and ineffectual representative of the old plantation order. When the old hands hear of the murder, they immediately rally behind one another. Charlie had been castigated as a weakling all his life; he is servile to the extent of being considered despicable. Suggestions Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. You'll get access to all of the The other blacks have admired Mathu's willingness to stand up to local blacks and all want to help him. Thereupon, Nick was found to be by Mckee’s bed, who was also was in his undergarments showing Nick his portfolio. His time is past and he represents the old Southern order that is dying. A Gathering of Old Men is a novel by Ernest J. Gaines published in 1983.. Set on a 1970s Louisiana cane farm, the novel addresses racial discrimination and a bond that cannot be usurped.. The protagonist of the novel is Candy Marshall. Mathu is not a character without fault; he has excessive pride. The sheriff was not ready to intervene before the fight but Mathu stuck to his guns. The A Gathering of Old Men Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and … Facing up to it … Still, in some ways the Sheriff eludes the concept of race in his friendship with Mathu. Although he has set each of his five previous books in the Yoknapatawpha-like Bayonne (Louisiana) County, never before has Gaines so directly confronted his problematic white predecessor’s vision of the Southern heritage. In A Gathering of Old Men by Ernest J. Gaines, what does Mathu say about the men having gathered at his house. Violence is part of the story they tell. Fix's presence dominates the novel since the characters all fear him. The old men who gather at the plantation have spent most of their lives running away from trouble. Jack is a useless ineffectual figure who appropriately owns deteriorating ineffectual plantation. Who is the man suspected of killing Beau Baton? Lynching had been a common crime which often went unchallenged in court as there were too many in the mob and no one clearly knew who had made the fatal strike. The ones who arrive first are Lou Dimes, Candy’s boy friend and Sheriff Mapes. Mathu was a man, and Mapes respected Mathu. The old men who gather at the plantation have spent most of their lives running away from trouble. They were all there, in the yard and on the porch. Why does Candy send Snookum to deliever messages and gather people to Mathu's house in A Gathering of Old Men?


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