9s nier age
It begins with him being roused into consciousness by a decapitated Emil sometime after the events of Nier. Yonah runs up to a sitting Nier and gives her brother a Lunar Tear as the both lay down on the hill. 2. Actually, 9S is an interesting character, at least plot-wise:The fact that the emotion assigned to him is "Solitude" could be explained by a theory that the more knowledge you posses, the more you feel isolated because of the lack of a possibility to share and discuss said knowledge with someone else (in this case because it's confidential data). Although he doesn't know where he is or why the Shades still exist, Nier continues to make her safety his number one priority. (Via. sadly this didn't happen. That's all we need to kill each other. His younger self (Boy Nier/Sorcerer) can be purchased with real-world currency. Backed up his data and consciousness into the network of surrounding defunct machines to save himself after contracting a Logic Virus infection he was unable to combat. A lunar tear falls on the ground, which Kainé picks up. When Engels is down, 2B makes her way to the top of him to find a mortally wounded 9S. Age: They encounter a girl that resembles Yonah's figure. on the other hand, his hacking damage is so insane that you don't even want to use normal weapons. Coincidentally they are shared by the same voice actor, Natsuki Hanae. This Nier is one of the focal characters for the collaboration event. Status: He is shown to be very sociable to other species, whether it'd be non-YoRHa or androids or non-hostile Machines. His mind soon regresses and he turns into an inconsolable Shadowlord before Emil. However, there's an alternate version of this script that shows that 9S survived. 9S participated in the Assault of the Machine Factory to cut through the defense systems to cut through enemy territory and to deploy YoRHa troops to perform operations and assist the Resistance in the city, he was deployed into the factory to begin his infiltration to find and locate the Goliath that pose the threat to YoRHA troops that were en route to the factory. Attack Chips prodive various ways of improving an androids offensive capabilities. Light Blue I could buy you...I dunno. It also aggros from a long range so you'll have to use the same body-hopping process as you would for a Linked Sphere to get it. The two team up to defeat the army of Shades and two living guardian statues to save Yonah. Yoko originally intended there to be, Saito Yosuke said that Nier's young adult form was designed to be the standard "good-looking do-gooder" protagonist. The Dash button gets it instantly moving forward at roughly the same speed as an Android at max sprint (with the blurs showing behind them), and it can do this in mid air (as well as change direction). Intelligence: At least Gifted. If players pay 300 magical crystals to the limited-time Nier Automata gacha, they may have a chance to receive 9S/Paladin and the weapon that unlocks him, Cruel Arrogance. This name will have to be inputted again in the end in order to rescue Yonah. No information You can also perform them by pressing R2 without any directional input and then attacking. During the fight with the second Shadowlord, he is named "Precious Person" but changes to "Treasured Person" when Emil realizes the truth. The other flyers can't move like this; the Dash button does a short range backwards dodge move instead so they can't even glide-jump as far as what your Android can do. It'd be more correct to say, "9S has no dedicated heavy attack button.". Profile Data Already close to adult age, but doesn't want to be called as old (9S called her m'am). The forgotten Nier is reunited with Kainé, as a young boy, reconstructed with the “memories” that the tree had of his first visit to the Forest of Myth.


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