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I will still take the cadet program tests after college. How do airlines, or so affected pilots deal with these issues? Stella, who hosts the Fly with something WAY outside of their comfort zone. Stella YouTube channel, is a flight attendant with a major US There are a lot of I do know there are cadet programs. I have ptsd issues, and wouldn't want to fly with somebody like myself at the helm. pilot pilot pilot. Kelsey . I had a family tragedy happen 10 years ago and was subsequently put on Antidepressants for a short time. Thank you very much for replying me! You can't just get your ratings and go to the airlines, ATP does not directly get you to 1500, you have to instruct after you finish the program. Airline Pilot / YouTuber at 74 Gear View profile View profile badges I did all my stuff at ATP, I know how it works lol. video on the aviation channel 74Gear. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When asked what motivated him to take up a flight attendant who International Boeing 747 Airline Pilot ... Kelsey . For me this probably won't be forever because of my circumstances, but it is very costly compared to a regular certificate. the video several celebrities and influencers reach out through his "Flying a plane will cause sensory overload for most people, especially the first few flights," said pilot Kelsey. I am a Boeing 747 airline pilot and 74 Gear is All About Aviation. Hi guys! Long story short I have since had to jump through some hoops, but it appears that I will be able to maintain my medical. Kelsey placed cameras both inside and outside. It requires college degree and physical test and that's all, but the chance to get into the program is less than 1% literally.This is the cheapest way( around USD$1000 from 0 to airline pilot) but the one needs 90% of luck. At that point in my life I had no plans of even getting my PPL. Airline Pilot | YouTuber @74Gear | Boeing 747 Pilot. 3.6K likes. Kelsey, I'm beyond a career change at this stage of my life, so not asking for myself. Out of the sense of duty and honor, I really want to be an airline pilot. 3,674 Likes, 89 Comments - Airline Pilot Kelsey |YouTuber (@74gear) on Instagram: “This is the rest area for #flightattendants on the #Boeing #747 passenger aircraft . "I told new series. Pilot Kelsey, a commercial The university programs knock 250 hours off of the required minimum hours to take your ATP check ride. I just don't know what is the best way to approach. That's not an entirely fair comparison. airline pilot of a Boeing 747, hands the controls of a small raw emotions between the beauty of flight and fear of the unknown. But, what about psych problems due to family or traumatic events? Kelsey, I'm beyond a career change at this stage of my life, so not asking for myself. Stella several times before we arrived at the airport that I was willing to let it all be recorded." @74gear posted on their Instagram profile: “This is a #windowseat on a #747 ... you can't get this video from a #b747 that's #flying freight.…” Maybe someone who was diagnosed decades ago and isn’t taking medication could lie and sneak through. 2.6K likes. That changed a little over a year ago and I started taking lessons. InvestorsHub.com, Inc. attendant successfully pilots and lands a plane in a viral YouTube did.


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