38 special heavy loads
As expected, it offered rapid upset and limited penetration. Like the author said, I consider it a “garbage disposal” round as you can load it with almost anything with good results. I'm a gun nerd from age 7. Unless one goes into abnormally dangerous areas or situations, many people, like me, are willing to sacrifice some power for day-to-day comfort. MY Federal contact is not responding. Mike Wood is a certified revolver nut, an NRA Law Enforcement Division-certified Firearms Instructor, and a columnist at PoliceOne.com. SAAMI only recognizes +P for .38 Special, .38 Super, 9mm and .45 ACP to the best of my knowledge. Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Read up on the Lyman 358439. They are reliable and easy to carry. Harvey and others like him were making important contributions to the birth of jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) bullets for handguns, but it was Jurras who turned the idea into a commercial reality. Are they correct? Jurras’ early JHP designs were unlike anything the market had seen. It was full of ammo. A friend used some of my 205 grain RNFP rifle bullets in a single shot 357 magnum rifle with excellent results. They worked and got me home that terrible night. Thanks. The FBI adopted this cartridge in 1972, leading to the popular “FBI Load” moniker, and kept it until it was replaced by a 147 grain +P+ Federal Hydra-Shok in the late 80s.”. It has a twin bother,the Buffalo Bore #20D Standard Pressure Short Barrel Low Flash 150grain Hard Case Flat Nose Wadcutter(15 on the Brinnel Hardness Scale).It moves at 1005 fps also producing 336 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle from a four inch barrel like its 158 grain brother. Yow. Not surprisingly, the Q4070 load followed a familiar pattern. Actually, for anyone worried about shooting +Ps in an older revolver, Buffalo Bore also makes a standard velocity (850 fps) version of the "FBI Load." Once the lesson sunk in, it only took the military brass a decade to come up with a solution--the 1911. Neato! 38 special was also my first cartridge to reload, and one of my greatest loves for reloading to this day. My experience with the 110+p+ is just what you article states. For an experiment, try going the opposite way. Somehow, he and all the other officers managed to get the job done in one of our country’s most turbulent and violent eras. I’m familiar with it through its use by the revolver armed agents of the former Illinois Bureau of Investigation after they were rolled into the state police detective section. Others will be impressed with large temporary cavities. The 158 +P LSWCHP performed great out of a 4” or longer service gun, but when it was fired in a 2” gun it frequently failed to expand and risked overpenetration, which was unacceptable in the crowded environment that characterized the Secret Service operation. There was still one officer on my department carrying a .41 still in 1990. Full with 50 rounds each. Please visit the official website for this book at www.newhallshooting.com for more information. I confirmed my original source statement that the .38LE was +P+. Like Winchester, Federal restricted sales of this product to law enforcement agencies that were willing to accept the risk of operating beyond SAAMI +P pressure standards. You will notice that all of the loads except the Hornady 125-grain factory load and the one handload are +P rated. I was unaware of this load. Thanks again for the interest, and please let us know if you find anything else out. All Rights Reserved. You may disagree. .38-44 IS .38 Special, just loaded to higher pressure. I loves me some Buffalo Bore.My .44 Special Model 21 Thunder Ranch is loaded up with their Elmer Keith Memorial 255gr SWC Rhino Rollers, and I keep my custom Model 57 stoked with their smokin' 265gr @ 1350fps hard-casts. So, with SuperVel already struggling to meet demand and pay the bills (largely because the majors were choking off their supply of new cases) the Secret Service contracted with Winchester to supply the desired product. The Federal cartridges started with a “FC LE” headstamp, and later went to a “FC  xx” headstamp, where “xx” represented the year of manufacture. At the time, SAAMI used a non-linear unit of measurement known as a “copper unit of pressure” (c.u.p.) “No magnum loads, no city in the North East allows them”…Blah, Blah, Blah. It was called variously the "FBI load" and the "Chicago load," or just the ", blood spatter experiments, in which I found myself shooting heavy sponges saturated with fake blood, did NOT expand at all, and tumbled within 4 feet, says that he achieved considerably higher velocities (. In the model, only frontal torso shots were evaluated, and since the vital organs are close to the surface of the body from this angle, the model favored loads that expanded quickly and created a large stretch cavity in 20% ballistic gelatin very early in the wound track. Well I figured +P+, cool! If you don't draw yours, I won't draw mine. A dozen loads is a small portion of the myriad factory loads available in this caliber, but it was enough to get a fair idea of what to expect from the snubbies. JHP BULLET” “No. I alternation these two in the cylinder of my revoler. We are each individuals and should be given the opportunity to try different designs and make our own choices.


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