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The fat tires roll over nearly anything, and the motor is powerful enough to climb hills or tear it up through grass and dirt. It’s a fat tire electric bike with a top speed of 28mph, a range of up to 25–50 miles, with both pedal assist and throttle acceleration. Yet that’s exactly what the Lectric XP folding e-bike is: a fast and fun e-bike at a budget-level price. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lectric sent us a brand new XP so we can review it and put it to the test. You can change the display settings by holding the up and down arrows at the same time to enter into the advanced settings menu. It is a powerful and fast bike that rides smoothly through different terrains. *Shipping Expected in 2-3 weeks Product Description: The XP is your gateway to adventure. This is why we are leading the charge in affordable eBikes without any hidden fees. The Lectric XP folding fat tire electric bike is equipped with a cadence sensor that measures the rotation of the cranks. For shipping, the XP comes in a medium sized box that weighs 60 lbs. Riding the XP definitely takes some getting used to, but is super functional and packs a big punch for a relatively low price of $899 (free shipping). While it doesn’t have the same fit and finish as a high price e-bike, it can go as fast (or faster) and as far (or farther) than most of them and will be a ton of fun for you while doing it. Anderson also likes to spend time hiking when he is not on his bike, because it allows him the chance to use it on the way down. Lectric XP key features • Foldable to less than half its size Starting at $999.00, the Lectric XP folding fat tire electric bike offers some fierce competition at an incredibly affordable price. I was looking for an affordable and quality bike that I could use for commuting and working out too. Yet that’s exactly what the Lectric XP folding e-bike is: a fast and fun e-bike at a budget-level price. The XP also features a rear rack, which is a nice addition and found very convenient. Lectric XP comes with a 7-speed Shimano freewheel that lets the rider maintain a good level of pedalling speed and effort when riding on different terrains. And since not everyone can afford the nicest, shiniest European-made e-bikes, a good quality budget bike like this is certainly refreshing for the market. When you hold down the down arrow on the display control the motor will engage at a speed similar to that of a slow walk. Let us know in the comments below! This bike is one of those big little e-bikes, a fat tire e-bike that still folds in half to fit in a trunk or backseat. • Up to 28MPH top speed Keep in mind we’re not paid or sponsored by Lectric to make this review. Electrified Reviews provides reviews and news on all things personal electric vehicles. For even longer range, you can buy a spare battery from Lectric for $300. Remember to use helmet. This display has all the necessary information like speed, distance, battery level and more. The Lectric XP is made with a standard step-through design for a stylish look. I love the fact that it can fold easily even though it is a little bit heavier than a normal bicycle in Nigeria. Of course not. Display This electric bike comes with an LCD display on the centre of the handlebars. This allows you to leave the bike somewhere and bring the battery inside to charge. Alright, that’s it for now. #RideLectric, High Performance LG Swappable Battery Pack, Lectric XP Step-Thru (Pre-Order for November). Lectric is dedicated to giving you the best possible price. This is quite a bit heavier than some other folding electric bikes, especially since the Lectric XP doesn’t have any suspension. It even features folding pedals so the bike takes up even less space. You can place your order online via any of the big ecommerce websites like Amazon. The XP can fold in half, making it easy for storage or putting it in the trunk of a car. And for the price, the included features are impressive too. It has a good build quality and great features such as the folding mechanism and the removable battery. • 25-50 Mile Range The highest gear lets you reach much higher speeds on flat terrains and downhill. Those are coming on the production version that customers will receive and I’ll be reporting back on the production model soon. With the rear rack and steel front forks, it’s also a good mid-distance commuter. There is also a carry handle, an aluminum folding pedals and a comfortable plush seat in the same region. You also have a throttle on the right handlebar that you can engage from a stop or while you’re riding. Power — 500 nominal watts, 750 peak watts. • Foldable to less than half its size In terms of range, Lectric advertises a range between 20–50 miles. But based on all the specs (links below) and just personal preference, which would you choose? Schwinn IC4 vs Echelon– Which Bike is Better? You could even attach a crate so you can store a bunch of bags or groceries. How did the Lectric Bikes team achieve these specs at this price? While heavier than aluminum, steel does have some vibration dampening properties so it should help minimize road vibration. Check out the Lectric XP's Step Thru video to see how you can use it! The superfast comfortable and convenient electric bicycle that is gradually becoming one of the fastest around. The 500W motor allows you to get... *Pre-Order shipping expected 3-4 weeks from the time of order Product Description: Step into a new adventure with the Lectric... Have a question? If you really don’t like the electric scooter stand-up way of commuting, I guess you might love to seat on the go. Get the Lectric XP and Step-Thru for just $899. What do you think of the Lectric XP? For the tires, Lectric says the tires are anti-puncture so they shouldn’t go flat. COUPON (11 hours ago) (3 days ago) Lectric Xp Coupon Code Code Lectric Xp Coupon Code. The Lectric XP has adjustable handlebars and a comfortable seat for better riding experience. This is a foldable electric bike which makes it easier to store and move around. It comes with a unique key that is use to set the e-bike on the go when you kick start it with a pedal move. It has a spring loaded holder to help secure your gear. The bike makes some pretty bold claims. At the rear area, you will notice the spring loaded rear rack with an integrated tail light slightly below. For braking, it features 160mm disc brakes in the front and back. This makes the Step-Thru the most affordable class 3 electric bike on the market. You shouldn’t change the gears too quickly because this might cause the chain to fall off. We recommend this bike for commuting, off-roading, running errands and even just a cruiser for the beach or bike paths. At this price point, the Lectric XP offers some serious bang for your buck.


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